Dear Ministry Partners,

We trust you have had a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year. We surely did even though we only had a small group of us this year. My sister and husband were not able to make it this year so we just had Jeanne’s mom and my folks here for dinner. Jeanne fixed a nice dinner then we enjoyed reading the Christmas story together followed by exchanging some gifts and then digging into the pie and ice cream along with a fresh pot of coffee. Yes it was good!

We want to thank you so much for your prayers for Jeanne as she has been recuperating from spinal surgery on her neck. Her follow-up appointment with the surgeon went well and he said everything was looking very good. She still has to wear a neck brace whenever leaving the house but can now go without it in the house and last night slept without it for the first time. We got her a nice memory foam pillow which is helping too. She will have another follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks and should get the go-ahead to begin driving again soon – I sure hope so Smile

Our Wana co-workers all went back to their respective tribal villages for the Christmas and New Year holidays. They have been looking forward to this for months and we were so happy that the Lord provided for them to take their families back to their home villages for a few weeks. They have been working hard and sure deserved the break too. We feel very privileged to have them as our co-workers and it is fun working together with them. We were able to see a couple of big projects completed before Christmas one being the finishing of a commentary/lessons covering all of the epistles. Steve is now working on the formatting of the commentary so that it can be printed – it will take 5 books to hold it all! The second project was to complete a “working draft” of the Exodus Scriptures which we use in our chronological teaching. It is not all of Exodus but a good chunk of it. As soon as our Wana co-workers get back from the tribe we will begin an extensive comprehension check on it. With the 14 hour time difference that will mean some early mornings and evenings on skype, however I am sure the boys will be up to the task when they get back to town.

In our last letter I was talking about my previous trip to Asia Pacific. Time flies by quickly and I am already making plans for this next trip as I will be leaving in less than two months flying out of Lincoln, Nebraska on March 1. I will be meeting up with a couple of our Language/Culture consultants once there and together we will be giving culture and language evaluations to a number of our Wana missionaries who are serving in other tribes and in the culture/language learning process. Upon completion of this we will then be holding another Bible conference in Wana and also traveling to some of the Wana churches. A couple of prayer requests – Please pray for our aircraft as both the plane and helicopter are down for repairs. The helicopter has a crack in the main rotor which they hope to get repaired this month, and the plane has to have its propeller completely broken apart and inspected as a routine inspection. We are trusting that both aircraft can be repaired before the first of March. Also please pray for my travel needs for this trip as I still need to trust the Lord for at least another $2000 for this trip to help cover the domestic travel, airplane and helicopter flights, and all the accommodations.

We thank you again for being a faithful part of our team and for your prayers for our ministry with the Wana tribal people. We want you to know that you are very much appreciated. May you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Ed & Jeanne Casteel