The Hebrew meaning of the word we translate as “Sabbath” means to cease, desist, bring to an end, to rest. There is indeed a time for everything under heaven, and I have had the privilege of a Sabbath, thanks to my sister and her family. After closing out the semester and spending a couple of days in meetings related to accreditation, I took off for Dallas. For six days in a row I didn’t do anything related to the school! I slept like a log, ate like a bird (double my weight daily!), walked while memorizing Scripture, and hung out with the Luna family with a passion! We had the privilege of attending Handel’s Messiah performed with period instruments. We went to two movies (“Unbroken” was definitely worth the time and money), played games, and attended church where Seth (my nephew) was playing organ. I had opportunity to play several duets with Seth on the piano and we all sang together.

The highlight was when we all individually reviewed 2014 and then prayed for each other. What an honor it is to be blessed with a family who prays with me and with whom I can pray!

I had an uneventful journey back home on the 30th, just ahead of our first major snow storm in over a year. Yesterday I celebrated one year in my new location by shoveling and enjoying the beauty of new fallen snow highlighting every pine needle, every crevice, every blade of grass on the meadow and mountain behind my house. I am basking in God’s goodness to me!

Within a few days it will be back to business as usual, sort of. I’ll be in Phoenix January 7-9 for a conference sponsored by the Association of North American Missions. Several block classes (accelerated one-week classes) begin on Monday, January 12, one of which I would like to audit (Contemporary Issues in Native Ministry). But there is much to be done before the regular semester begins on January 19. Over the course of the semester I’ll be teaching Personal Finance, Piano, Guitar, and Voice; and overseeing, while doing some teaching, an introductory missions course we’ve opened up to the community, a Creative Ministry Class, and an Applied Math class. Chapel speakers need to be scheduled. I’m still overseeing the Christian Service Assignment department. Then there will be several trips to take during the semester. It looks to be a busy semester.

I am so blessed to have you all behind me. Thank you so much for the cards, Christmas gifts, prayers, and continuing financial support throughout the year. God has blessed me abundantly by providing a faithful support team.

Please join me in praying:

  • That I would be well prepared for classes I will be teaching and will teach with renewed vision, passion, and effectiveness.
  • That God would send the students of His choosing to attend spring semester 2015.
  • That God would provide financially to cover the entire cost of the “Barn.”
  • That God would be honored, fears dispelled, and evil vanquished as we fully open the dorm where the suicide took place
  • last semester

May God grant us minds focused on Him and hearts devoted to His purposes for our lives in 2015.

Enjoy the photos of the Luna family below.