What a month this has been! Thank God, the move is now recent history and I am now in my new location. There was only one day in the process where I felt despairing, which is a lot better than the last mobile home move. I am amazed at God’s timing and grace toward me! Here is a brief run down:

My hope had been that I could move in October, when I first started the lot purchasing process. But my first offer on a lot was ignored. The second lot I made an offer on was listed higher, but the owner quickly accepted my offer. Then the wheels started to grind…slowly. I’m learning about Escrow accounts, working with a realtor, and more about the process of moving a mobile home. This has been a complex move with utility change overs (upgrading a 50 amp meter to a 200 amp, among other things), removal of an existing mobile home (pretty much trashed), transfer of title for that house, satisfying the demands of a mobile home park from which I was moving, and working around the school schedule, not to mention keeping both city and county happy.

But, my fears concerning weather were largely unfounded. I asked God for 60 degree temperatures and little to no wind. Believe it or not, the temperatures have been in the upper 40s or low 50s throughout the moving process, even though the move took place a lot later than anticipated. There were a few delays because of paper work, some windy weather, several winter storms, and struggles with the people to whom I gave the old mobile home. But, when the move actually took place, on Christmas Eve, the weather was warm and dry.

God blessed me with several friends who helped pack up anything that might break or fall during transit and placement of the home. Another friend cooked lunch for the packers. Then yesterday a crew of men from church and IBC helped with several more projects. They skirted the entire home with the same vinyl skirting that came off the home. The crew of five men worked cheerfully and quickly, accomplishing more in one day than I could have alone in one month. They lent their tools, skills, and muscles to projects I could not have done by myself. Again, my faithful friend provided lunch for the volunteers.

I am so grateful to the movers as well. Though their services were not cheap, these rough and rugged guys worked long hours, sometimes 7 days per week, to get me back into my home as quickly as possible. I enjoyed getting to know them personally and praying for them throughout the move. The same faithful friend provided a meal for them and housing for myself the entire time I was “homeless.”

And the timing? It wasn’t mine, for sure, but the actual move took place while school was out, the weather was settled and warm, and my friends were free to volunteer. I don’t know how I could have done it otherwise.

Thank you for being with me financially and in your prayers through this move. I trust this will be the last move before the final one, to heaven. 

Please continue to stand with me in prayer as we start the spring semester in a few days. I will be teaching Personal Finance and Introduction to Worship Music in addition to Piano, Voice, and Guitar.

I’d appreciate prayer as I meet my new neighbors and begin establishing myself in a new community, within City limits and 2.5 miles closer to IBC.
Pray for God’s wisdom as I make plans to travel East this coming summer. Thank you so much!!

Blessed 2014 to you all.