Happy New Year my friends! The Indian Bible College spring semester is under way…

We have three new full-time students (from the White Mtn. Apache, Pueblo, and Chippewa tribes); unfortunately three students will not be returning. I have spent numerous hours over the last two weeks working with several staff to develop a “financial probation” method of applying grace to those who are struggling to take responsibility for their school bills. As you know, we don’t allow students to go into debt for their IBC studies (which is why we raise support so we can keep costs low enough to be attainable), but freshmen usually struggle with this to a very great extent. So we are continuing to develop our application of the grace and truth of Christ as it relates to students and their school bills.


This morning I spent two hours with four students (two student spouses and two new freshmen) in the Human Relationships class. I just went through this class with 15 students last semester, but the class is so important I occasionally teach it both semesters! I love seeing the light bulbs go off in the minds of students when they come to understand how much it matters to the Lord how we treat each other (as taught by Matthew 5:23-24 where we are told to LEAVE our gift at the altar to clear up matters with another person before we continue to worship). We are committed to not only help students know the Bible but to be able to apply it in the way they interact with others. This class will be eight hours a week, lasting just this week and next.

I am in the early stages of seven of the busiest weeks I’ve ever had at IBC. Two trips to Phoenix, a board meeting, a 10-day trip to the Northwest, and a trip to Orlando all mix in with classes I am teaching, trainings I am helping with, discipleship Sarah is doing, etc. To make it extra challenging the whole family has been sick this last week. So far I am the ONLY one who has not come down with anything!

Please be praying that I continue to stay healthy, that Sarah and the kids continue to heal (pray for healing for Sarah’s back too, as she fell on the ice in December), and for strength and grace in the midst of a hectic pace with very few days off for rest and family.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! We love serving Jesus by serving His Native people,

Jason and family