2013 ended with dragons. Some not so noteworthy – like falling asleep 3 times during our family viewing of the Hobbit cuz I was overly fatigued and draggin’. A Christmas gift from my brothers IS a more relevant Dragon though. It’s a computer program that will supposedly recognize my voice and type out whatever I say! That should (Note: SHOULD) help relieve my numerous excuses for not keeping as current on correspondence as I ought! It’s proving rather a monster of a program to load & learn though so I’m lagging & dragging my feet on actually switching to using it ….

 Christmas with family, needless to say, was GREAT! Lots of memories stashed away to tote with me the next 5 years until we can, Lord willing, be together again.


Lord willing, I’ll be back on the road again this month. If the weather co-operates, I’ll hit the trail by mid-month. Map Quest says it’s gonna be 6098.67 miles round trip. That’s without counting in the misc. stops for visits, gas, overnights, etc. off the interstate. I don’t even want to think of the miles that will add – but that’s the whole purpose of the trip – to get to see folks along the way.

Please don’t get me wrong. I do love the stopovers to visit with ya! I just long for the day when I am retired and settled, and can stay home and say “It’s YOUR turn to come see me!” If the Lord tarries, and doesn’t change these tentative plans, that’ll be in about another 10-12 years …

A few things need done before I can head out:

  • Finish the Christmas leftovers …. Who can diet in January???? (“Here kitty, kitty, kitty …”)
  • Get some work done on the car
  • Open Health Savings Account
  • Get the bathtub resurfaced
  • Learn to put the “Dragon” (computer program) to affable use
  • Organize 2013 tax stuff to be ready for filing when this jaunt is behind me.
  • Plan the route / itinerary, contact people for dates, calculate where I’ll overnight, etc., etc., etc.
  • Escape SEMO between winter storms

If YOU live in the south along the MO-AZ-southern CA-San Francisco area-TX-FL-MO route, and would be willing to let me stop in for a visit, please do e-mail me.  If things go as (tentatively) planned I’ll be leaving here mid-Jan and back by the end of Feb at the latest. It’ll be great to see what God works out!

My sincere and grateful thanks to each of you who are standing together with me even thru these Home Assignment days. What a blessing you are!

My additional thanks too for each of the special gifts sent in as extra support thru December. It’s those gifts — plus some thoughtful Christmas gift cards — that will make this winter jaunt out of the snow belt possible. Your prayers and other evidences of support are muchly appreciated. Sure couldn’t do it without you! May God bless each of you bountifully in return!

Co-laboring with you for the King!

Hope Sharp