Dear Friends,

Well the world didn’t come to an end, but this year did! It has been a fruitful year and we thank God for His faithfulness again.

It was the year in which we saw a new ministry and a new department started. We are calling it the Bible Teaching Resource Department for now. We have 269 Bible lessons translated into Pidgin English, a leadership/teacher training manual, and we just finished a book for leaders with helpful Scriptures for long and fruitful ministries.


The Lord has sustained us through another year plus he provided $30,000 towards reprinting our earlier Bible lessons (4 volumes x 5,000 copies=20,000 new books on the way from N. Ireland.)

We were able to introduce our lesson books to over 200 full time workers around the country. Churches have said to us, “We are weak, and our pastors are not well trained. We really need some help.” We look forward to helping more pastors in the New Year.

Overall, we have been in good health. We both turn 66 soon, (me in January and Kathy in February). As of now, we plan on staying until March of 2014, and then taking our home assignment and assessing our future.

Kathy has taken on a job in the finance office here. She’s done it before, but quite a bit has changed. She is doing well, and she is glad to be a blessing to our folks.

Some prayer requests would be:
  1. For the sale of our car, so we can buy a 4-wheel drive one.
  2. Additional funds for printing.
  3. More open doors to teach his word.
  4. Wisdom in scheduling.

We couldn’t be ministering here without your faithful prayers and gifts. We thank God for you.

We had a very quiet Christmas. A missionary family invited us to eat dinner with them. With the gifts some people sent, we bought some special meat, cheese, nuts and candy.

We stand amazed that God is able to use us. May we all be submissive to His will and obedient to his Word.

Love in Christ,

Jim & Kathy Tanner