Dear Team Members,

Was it a bump in the road, a pot hole, or a sink hole? Interesting questions! For each of us 2015 has had its challenges!

December 17th started a new journey for me, Cherrie. At first I thought it was a bump, but now it seems more like a sink hole! Multiple side effects has at times made me feel like I was dying, but I am still here, BUT in the midst of it all there is an enigma – the feeling of everything falling apart and also a peace that passes all understanding! YES the two can be present at the same time. Knowing the Lord has promised to NEVER leave us NOR forsake us, and the peace of God that is beyond understanding has kept me sane! Knowing His Word is TRUE, and that folk like yourself are praying for both Charlie and myself, has made that sink hole bearable. Next Thursday, January 7th,will be the second chemo treatment. This coming week, being the third week since my first chemo treatment, I am feeling a little better and eating better, though food does not taste very good. Guess it is the first two weeks following each chemo that are the worst. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for standing in the gap with us!


Interesting, but sad to say, so far it has been difficult to engage folk in conversation about the Lord. I am trusting the Lord for opportunities to share His love to those I meet on this journey.

Out of the mouths of babes: Our neighbors, Joe and Janna Price, have their son and family down from Atlanta. They were out for a walk, and their granddaughter Emma, who is about five years old, prayed for me as they passed our home Smile

We would appreciate your continued prayers for the staff and students involved in the Teaching English as a Second Language classes, and also for those involved in correcting the Bible Study papers for prison inmates in our area. May they find Jesus Christ as their Savior, and grow in Him!

The Snow Birds or Royal Volunteers are here at NTM Retirement Homes for the winter and oh, how we appreciate them!!!! They are such a blessing being involved in soooo many physical projects on the property. Know they would appreciate your prayers for safety during this time.

The end of 2015 – memories – the beginning of a new year – 2016 ! On Facebook I saw this quote: “A NEW YEAR IS LIKE A BLANK BOOK. THE PEN IS IN YOUR HANDS. IT IS YOUR CHANCE TO WRITE A BEAUTIFUL STORY FOR YOURSELF.” Author unknown.

With our Love,

Charlie & Cherrie