Dear friends and family,

A new day, a new year. Wonder what God has for each one of us this year. Whatever lays ahead, it is GREAT to KNOW that He holds the future in His hands, and nothing takes Him by surprise. Not ONLY that, BUT, we KNOW He loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die on Calvary, so that we could have eternal life.

May God draw you closer to Him this year, as you walk with Him, and live for Him.

We trust you all had a lovely Christmas. Doug keeps telling everyone, that this was one of our best Christmas’ – even though he was quite unwell and in a lot of pain. The reason – he had developed SHINGLES. We had visited the doctor on Christmas Eve and been given the dates for the commencement of chemotherapy – not until Jan. 13th, altho’ they had hoped to begin the chemo simultaneously with the radiation which was started Monday, 30th Dec. It was the day after Christmas, that I recognized the rash, and found a doctor open, to prescribe the medication.

The following morning, Friday, I received a phone call from one of the oncology nurses, to say that there had been a cancellation and there was opportunity for Doug to commence chemo, Dec. 30th! However, I had to let her know about the shingles – and sure enough, that changes everything!! Well, not everything. They did go ahead and commence the radiation on Monday, and so far Doug is tolerating it quite well. Altho’ Doug is on an anti viral drug, it will take some time for the rash to go away (especially when it reached more than half way around his trunk) – so they have left him to begin chemo (temporarily) on the 13th, but they will push it back a week or more if necessary. An unexpected ‘surprise’ was to find out that the last CT scan shows a small nodule on Doug’s left lung. So, each day is a gift from God, and His grace is poured out as we come to Him.

Resting in Him, and excited to see what wonders God performs throughout 2014. Trust you are resting in the arms of Jesus too.
Doug and Bev