ImageBart is originally from Iowa and Kim is from Wisconsin. They both grew up as MKs (missionary kids) in Indonesia. Upon completion of high school, Kim and Bart attended New Tribes Mission Bible School in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They were married after graduation. Bart then continued on with his flight training at Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. They then entered training with New Tribes Mission and in 1995, Kim and Bart began their ministry on the field of Indonesia. Bart was the pilot for the missionaries living on the Maluku islands of eastern Indonesia. Kim spent many hours on the radio flight following for Bart. In February of 1999, they headed to their next field of service, Papua New Guinea. Here they were also involved in the flight program. Bart flew many hours in all four regions of PNG. In 2005, they were asked to move to the international headquarters for New Tribes Mission Aviation, located in Mc Neal, Arizona

  • Good overall health
  • Great support team!
  • Our support increased 9%