I grew up in a Christian family, and went to church all of my life. I prayed a prayer when I was 7 years old, but I really did not understand any of it. There was never any evidence of growth in my life. I knew the Bible very well with my head, but did not have it in my heart. I became a very rebellious teen until my senior year of high school. During a chapel service given by our soccer coach, I heard how God loved me just the way I was and that there was nothing I could do to make Him love me any more. God broke down the walls of rebellion that morning I believed that He died and rose again for me. I put my trust in Him for my salvation and started a new life. My life totally changed and I began to grow in my relationship with Jesus. About two years later I got busy in a job with no Christian friends to support me. I began to let my relationship with Jesus slip away until I was living just like the worldly sinners. I lived away from the Lord for almost 6 years, until God drew me back to Himself. Since then I have tried to surrender myself totally to Him to use as He wills and not for myself. My goal is to grow to be more and more like Jesus so others will see Him in me.


I grew up in a Christian family, and attended Grandville Baptist Church. During Sunday School in 4s and 5s class we learned about who God is and the important gift of His Son. We learned what sin is, and our need for the Perfect Sacrifice. I went home and asked my Dad about it, and he took me aside and showed me in the Bible what God had done, and that all I needed to do was believe. I attended a Christian school, allowing me to learn more about God and how He relates to all aspects of life. I am thankful for the changes He is continually making in my life to conform me to His image.

Our Children

God has blessed us with two very active little guys! Nathanael was born in Alaska in August of 2003, and Brendon was born in Michigan in December 2004. We are very thankful for the things they teach us on a daily basis. They seem to be doing well through our many transitions. They love to be outdoors and on the run, so they should love being overseas!

Nathanael and Brendon

Nathanael and Brendon