Thank you so much for your love and prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in sharing the love of Jesus with the Hewa tribal people of Papua New Guinea.

We are heading back to Hewa! The Lord has provided the tickets and we are now in the last minute scramble of packing and preparing to fly across the ocean. We have enjoyed our six month time with family and friends and are now looking forward to our departure from Phoenix on January 27.

Our Daughter Mikayla is planning a medical mission trip to PNG next summer! Mikayla is now half way through her third year at BIOLA University as a premed student and needs medical experience in preparation for her further education. Our missionary doctor friend in PNG has welcomed Mikayla to join him in a month of hands-on medical experience in the New Tribes medical clinic near Goroka. After that internship is finished Mikayla plans to join us in Hewa to assist with our tribal medical clinic. If you would like to know more about Mikayla’s summer missions trip and about how you can help her raise funds to buy tickets and meet other expenses please read her letter below.

Our new co-workers John & Jessi George are exceeding expectations as they study the Hewa language and culture. A missionary consultant flew into Hewa to meet with the Georges and has given John and Jessi the thumbs up to continue with their studies. We are very excited for their progress. We are also very happy to hear Jag and Abby Dunn have moved into their new house in Hewa and are now ready to begin full time language and culture studies.

Thank you for how you welcomed us into your lives over these last six months while we have been in the USA. We have felt incredibly blessed by your love and care as we shared the highs and lows of our experiences in Papua New Guinea. Though we wish we could spend more time with you we feel enriched and encouraged by your love.

Thank you!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna

Mikayla’s Letter


Thank you so much for all the prayer, love, and support you have given my family and I over the years. I am so blessed to have met so many of you and I have been touched by your love! Thank you!

I am excited about an opportunity to go to New Guinea this summer in order to work under a missionary doctor at the clinic! This is a once in a life time opportunity for me as I will gain invaluable hands-on experience and hopefully be a blessing to the doctor and the patients.

After the internship I hope to join my family in the Hewa tribe again and assist my mom in medical care and teaching for the remainder of the summer.

After being away from home for almost 5 years, I can’t begin to explain the full extent of my excitement to go back! I am praying that the Lord will provide the funds for me to embark on this adventure. As of now I am working hard and trusting the Lord to raise the funds but it is a long road ahead. If you want to be a part of that, it would be such a blessing!

If you are interested in helping, here is my information:

Mikayla Kopf at 13800 Biola Ave, La Mirada, California 90639