Greetings from Arizona,

Well, the holidays are over and we are enjoying normal Arizona temperatures again. Last week we had lows in the single digits. We even put the dog in the garage!

Bart is enjoying his trips to the hangar in Tucson. A friend in CA gave us a small pickup truck! Bart has been using this to make his trips back and forth to Tucson. This is an answer to prayer! Last week he flew in 29C with the Director of Operations. They put some break-in hours on the newly over-hauled engine before it will be “officially” put in to service. They plan to work the bugs out of it, by flying some instrument approaches. As we write this, one of our pilots is flying down south servicing the Huichol people in Mexico. Periodically, UIM Aviation must fly three and a half hours south to do the Huichol flights.

Just recently, two new families have finished language study and will be setting up a new flight base that will be able to service the Huichol people on a regular basis. We are excited with them as they start their field flight check-out. Pray for safety and wisdom as the check pilots travel down to this area, and train these two pilots. This is not a quick process, but something that will take periodic trips over the next year.

Bart enjoyed spending a day working with a work team that came from Ohio. They came to replace the old carpet off the floor upstairs in the office area at the hangar. As you can see, we put plywood down before laying the new carpet. They also remodeled the bathroom up-stairs to make better use of the space available. This team was a real blessing and encouragement to UIM Aviation.








Pictures from our home in the high desert

Found this guy in the garage

A hike at Cochise Stronghold


Cochise Stronghold


View of the sunrise from our deck

We want to again thank each of you for your continued partnership  throughout this time of transition. Please pray for safety as two new pilots are beginning their field flight training. It is a privilege to be a part of this training process.

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Under the same Wing,

Bart & Kim Haines