Greetings all,
The following letter is from one of our Wana co-worker families – Miyanto and Rone Kaku. In it they tell a little about their recent trip into the tribe and about “Pa Whey” being baptised. We thought it was a cute letter and that you would enjoy reading it and hearing about what God is doing in Wana land. We consider it a joy to be co-workers with these dear folks. ( I am sorry the pics are not clearer but it was the best we have at present)

Ed & Jeanne

Miyanto writes:

February 3, 2014

Dear co-workers,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our family wants to thank you for your prayers for us. May the Lord Jesus bless you and all of us in our service to Him.

Praise the Lord Jesus because on the 22 December 2013 through the Gospel Post in the village of Kawedo 12 people gave themselves to be baptised because of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Peronal Savior. Among them was one elderly person (Pa Whey) who before was very resistant to believing in the Lord Jesus, but now he has received the Lord Jesus. When he was baptised he requested to have it done two times, but the pastors said that one time was sufficient. But he was very insistent he said if it was like that then when he was to be baptised make it a long time that he was under the water. Truthfully this old man was insistant because it was a long time before he received Jesus.

Here are several pictures of them being baptised on the 22 of December 2013.


All this is the result of your’s and our ministry and we feel happy because of the lessons that we made is what they used, so these are the results from all your’s and our ministry.

Praise the Lord that all the pre-checking of the book of Genesis in the Wana Language is now finished. We worked with Ed on this nearly every day and night by way of skype, so now it is ready for the final consultant check. Also the Chronological lessons for level one are almost finished. When finished these lessons will be used in the Wana area where there are 6 churches with the one language, that is the Taa (Wana) language.

Our families prayer requests are:
1. Please pray for our ministry for ability to do the lessons and also to help the church here in Palu.
2. Also that we would be a blessing in our ministry.
3. Also for our daily needs.

Thank You,

Miyanto & Rone Kaku