Dear Team Members,

It is so hard to believe we are at the end of February! I have had four chemo treatments with two left to finish, one on March 10th and the last one on March 31st. A good part of the cancer has vanished, and the surgeon is saying that I may not need radiation after I have surgery! We commit that to the Lord! I still have various side effects that sap my strength. This past week I have been week and exhausted. My hemoglobin levels continue to fall, so I may need a blood transfusion one day. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, which we trust will disappear! The medical staff have been absolutely the BEST, and you being my stretcher bearers makes my day, every day! My knight in shining armor, Charlie, has been an awesome help and soul mate Smile


  • For our sister-in-law Susan who has shingles with pain and affecting her eyesight.
  • For our daughter-in-law Janelle, in Kansas, with back problems.
  • For my longtime friend Norma Walsh in Australia, who has pancreatic cancer.
  • For Teresa, another friend here in Sanford, after having surgery for breast cancer, found out it has spread and is now going through chemo with the same doctors I have and at the same place for chemo. She and her husband have three school age children, and three married daughters.
  • For our friend Maureen in Australia, who is also going through cancer treatment. Just a few short weeks ago Maureen made a world trip to visit family as she had been working on their genealogy and even stopped here to visit many of her New Tribes Mission friends. She arrived home, finishing up her long service leave and found out she has cancer.
  • For my friend Judi, in our home church going through cancer treatment.
  • For Charlie, who is really tired.
  • For myself, to continue to rest in the Lord, and have strength hour to hour.
  • We have asked prayers for our retirees who take part in a local juvenile detention center on Thursday nights. The number of teenagers attending continues to drop. So many have been helped through this ministry!!!!!!!!!! Please continue to pray for the retirees, for the prison staff to encourage the teens to participate, and for the teenagers to come and participate in the Bible studies. We trust many will come to know the Lord as their Savior and guide in life!

Being home bound, so as not to be in large crowds with my immunity level down, means some folk have come to visit us here at home, which we sooooooo enjoy. So if you live in our area and are well, don’t be afraid to pop in for a visit!

ONE SUPER SPECIAL VISIT was from our friend who heads the Teaching English as a SECOND LANGUAGE CLASSES we have been involved in. She has been sharing with us about one student, who has put her faith in Jesus Christ. We will call this student “P” for security reasons. Our friend meets regularly with “P” who is growing by leaps and bounds in the Lord. Please be praying For “P” and our friend as they regularly meet. “P” is of another religion and is determined to travel to share again her new faith with family. This is SO VERY risky, but “P” has absolute confidence in her Savior. Please pray for “P”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our friend Norma, who we asked prayer for, is eighty-nine years old. When told by her doctor that she had pancreatic cancer this was her response to him: “I do not want chemotherapy. I am going to Heaven and have booked my passage already.” What awesome peace and joy she has knowing Jesus Christ as her Savior!

Some of you may wonder how I am coping having cancer and the awful effects of chemotherapy. There are times I like to write on various subjects and I call it Cherrie’s ramblings. Attached to this email is what I have labeled “My Survival Mode: How am I surviving? Good Question!!!!!”

Thank you again for being part of our journey,

Charlie & Cherrie