Dear friends,

Happy February! Thanks for your prayers for the challenges of sickness–we are all healthy again! Praise the Lord!

I am thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness in so many ways on this trip. We have connected with so many friends and supporters of the school. This last week we have shared about the ministry with three churches that have been previously uninvolved; it is so great to see more churches and believers get excited about the ministry of IBC! Today I spoke with around 300 people at a newly supporting church and the response was very encouraging (you can listen to today’s message). God’s people have been so hospitable and generous towards us. Thank you for your prayers for the fruitfulness of our travels.

I am also thankful for the ways the Lord has grown me over the last few weeks. One example: My plans for one day of travel completely fell through…normally this would stress me out (I am a pretty devoted planner) but on this day I decided to ask the Lord to do what He wanted with the time and to wait with expectation as to what He would do. Four different events occurred that day (all planned at the last minute) that were far more meaningful than what I had planned; that day ended with one of the happiest evenings of my life.

Tomorrow we “hit the road” again from the Spokane area and will cover 3700 miles in 14 days as we attempt to visit 10 sets of people in 8 states. The weather forecast is a little dicey (snow throughout the Midwest), so we need prayer for the Lord’s protection and for wisdom in our decision-making. (Here is the link to the travel map.) We hope to be home to Flagstaff on Saturday, February 14th.

Gratefully traveling for Jesus and HIS Native people,

Jason and family