I think I was in Sprout’s, the new grocery store in town. I barely recognized him since he’d shaved his head. John oversees a ministry to Native college students in town, a ministry IBC students love to attend, and several have worked closely with him in internships. The ministry is based at Northern Arizona University (NAU) and strives to disciple Native students who are believers, as well and to attract Native seekers. Some IBC students have been involved in this ministry in one way or another every semester for years.

“You’re really getting some quality students these days!” John said with a smile.

“Indeed,” I responded. “I hear all three of the new ones this semester were at One Tribe this week.”

And it’s true. The quality of our student body continues to rise. Ten years ago our chapel services were a bit embarrassing, with as few as 8 students (our entire enrollment at the time) and no musicians among them. Today we have more musicians than we can use. Chapel is packed out with no standing room. We have two music teams that rotate leading music.

This past Thursday we again featured the creativity of the students in chapel Three read their creative writing projects. Amazing writing! Several others shared the Gospel through use of a sketchboard. One performed a “magic” trick while sharing the Gospel as well. Some of the students are artistic. Some can sing. Some play piano—by the way, this semester one student is working on Debussy’s “Claire de Lune.”

Now that’s a first. I’ve become accustomed to teaching beginning piano students over and over, but this young man has an ear for music and the discipline to work at it.

Meanwhile, I’m settling down in my new location, getting to know my new neighbors. A few weeks ago I celebrated God’s goodness with an open house and dedication. I’m still wrestling with the utility companies, but making progress . . . I think. We’ve had a long dry spell, which was great for the move, but rather disconcerting when it goes on so long. While most of you have endured a long, excruciatingly cold winter thus far, we have basked in warm temperatures and enjoyed dry roads. The spell was broken last night with a light dusting of snow.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all this summer. How blessed I am to have you on my team! I can’t wait to share with you in person what God has been doing through us (you and me) in this corner of the world.

Stay warm and be blessed.