Dear family, friends, prayer warriors and members of our team,
I like to keep in touch and let you know what is happening in our lives. Even so, I have trouble coming up with new and exciting things to say. I have decided to fill you in on what the month of January looked like for the two of us. I hope this will give you an idea of what we do here in Sanford, Florida as missionaries with New Tribes Mission.

J Joy  Our month began and ended with joy. There is joy in serving Jesus! Make me a blessing to someone today. The longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows. In my heart there rings a melody. There is something about serving others that brings joy to your heart. We serve others because of what He has done for us. We serve out of love for our Wonderful Savior. He washed the disciples feet. What an example for us to follow.

A Answers  We have seen answers to prayers. A couple of weeks ago our Wednesday night ladies Bible study had a time of reflecting back on 2013. We talked about our prayer requests and how God had answered them. It was amazing as we praised our Great God for His faithfulness in our lives. Of course, hearing these answers to prayers encouraged my own heart.

N New  We have new people in our lives. We have a new receptionist at our New Tribes School. Marie spent years and years in Columbia and then went to Mexico as a teacher of missionary children when the door to Columbia closed for her. It is great to have her on staff. Brad is now seeing a new resident in the building where he works. One of the ladies who lived in a duplex here on the property, moved into the ALF (Assisted Living Facility). She is now eating her meals in the dining room and the nurses are keeping track of her medications and dispensing them as prescribed. Bonnie and her husband have 27 years of active service with New Tribes Mission. Her husband was promoted on to glory some time before we joined the staff here in 2011.

U Unveiling  Our new chapel will soon have its official unveiling. This large building has been a work in progress ever since we arrived here on staff. There are still a few things to do before we can have the official o.k. to move in. (Brad will have a new office in this building.) The date has been set for the official chapel dedication on March 21st.

A Activities  As time permits I like to take part in different activities here at NTM Homes. Every Tuesday night we have what we call our Tuesday Night Meeting. Staff and residents come together for a time of Christian fellowship. We listen to speakers from within our body here as well as from pastors from the local area. It is always a special treat when we have missionary speakers who tell of what God is doing in the far corners of the earth. This past Tuesday night the volunteers had the service. There must have been at least 40 of these older folks from New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Maine, etc. They come down in their RVs and work here on our property as well as at the Mission Headquarters. They sang some funny songs, some serious songs, told some jokes and also shared some testimonies. Our chapel was packed that night with NTM Homes staff, retired missionaries, as well as the volunteers.

R Roads  We were glad to see some folks from afar this past month. Bill and Elaine traveled the roads between Florida and West Virginia to spend a couple of weeks here. They helped out the grounds crew by spreading around a lot of mulch on the property. It was great to be able to spend some time with them. Brad traveled to Northern Florida last week and was able to spend part of a day with his good friend Mike from Michigan. Be sure to let us know if you are in our area!

Y You  We are so thankful to have you as part of our team. God continues to use you in our lives as we serve the young and old with New Tribes Mission. In January we had food on our table, gas in our cars, clothes to wear, phones to call our distant family members, and lights in our home. We received many encouraging e-mails and letters. We know that many have prayed for us. Wow! Do we ever feel blessed!

I hope this gives you a glimpse into our lives as I reviewed the first 31 days of the year. I appreciate your prayers for me as I teach missionary children. I know that Brad also appreciates your prayers for him as he works paying bills and doing other miscellaneous tasks for this retirement facility and its elderly residents.

Praising Him every day and looking forward to what He will bring in the remainder of 2014,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull