Dear ones,

Our trip to the capital, Port Moresby, was cut short by a day due to a flight cancelation from bad weather. The purpose of our trip was to show Wade Ebersole, our newest co-worker, our contacts there. We also gave out samples of our 3 most recently printed books. We praise God for all the people and places we were able to see.


This coming Wednesday (5th), we’ll be flying to the Sepik Province to teach about 40 pastors how to use our Bible Lesson books. We will be teaching for 10 days. The teaching team is Enoch Sofana and Dean Kefo from Yagaria churches, Wade Ebersole and me. This is my last planned pastors’ seminar before our home assignment (HA). We should return on the 18th.

Upon our return, we will continue packing up the house and moving into a small apartment downstairs. Our goal is to be moved out by the 20th then we can pack up all our last personal things for storage. We’re going to have a very special visitor arriving on Kathy’s Birthday, Grace Ann Crawford, our granddaughter. She will be with us until we start our HA on March 13th. We have a jam packed itinerary planned. (I hope she can keep up with us:). Pray for our remaining time here and for our travels.

God is so faithful in looking after us. He has provided a house for us in MI and an apartment for us in SC. Looking forward to seeing you.

In His love,

Jim & Kathy

Charles and Melipa Ouba took us out for supper. We have known Charles since he was in 7th Grade and I conducted their wedding in our church at Elimbari. Now they are grandparents.