An experiment that went terribly right Smile

Nathan lived across the road from us until he finished 10th Grade and went to work loading airplanes near a gold mine.

Before he left, I was doing quite a bit of traveling so I gave him a simple Engish version of our first course of Bible lessons.

He was reading it before he left, but he texted me last night to tell me he had finished it. I hadn’t taught him, but I wanted to see how the lessons would impact people who just read them on their own.

He wrote, “Good night Pop. I have completed book 2.”

Me, “Did you learn much? Has God spoken to you?”


Him, “Yes I have. It’s very interesting and I’ve learned a lot of things.”

Me, “Did you learn what can set a person free from sin?”

Him, “Yes.”

Me, “Have you been set free? Tell me about it.”

Him, “Yes I have. In the past I was in Satan’s family, but now I believe God’s word, and I’m depending on the Savour and His work on the cross, and His blood has truly paid for my sin.”

Me, “So true. Do you sense God inside of you, trying to teach you and changing you a little each day.”

Him, “Yes of course. I’m in God’s family and my mind has been renewed.”

So good to see God at work through His word.

From Jim & Kathy Tanner, Papua New Guinea