Our teaching team taught in two locations in Hela Province and this is a report written recently by one of the church leaders. How we thank God for the power of His word. Praise Him with us.

Pastor Rex wrote:

We did our presentation of certificates on Thursday 24th December, 2015 & 62 participants received their certificates. Bible studies have started with various groups & ministries in the churches:

  1. Mandalo church purchased 20 books from Johnnie for their students in the bible school. 
  2. Five local churches using the books teaching Sunday school children. They appreciate the materials because the pictures help the children understand the bible story. 
  3. Mothers’ fellowship group meet every Saturday and are going through the bible study lessons. 
  4. Eight local churches started bible studies and three churches ( Ayuguali, Yegeli & Mandalo) completed the lessons in Course One. 
  5. In the elders meetings we have discussed with the teacher trainers to start a bible study with one of the local church in the Hewa area. One of the teachers will go there to give the lessons. 
  6. Ten families started bible studies in their homes. 
  7. One old lady attended the training told me that her granddaughter who is doing grade seven (7) read the lessons & translated to her in the local language. She said the bible study was very helpful. 

Everyone is happy with the training held and they asked me if we could arrange a time to complete Course Two and Three training sometime in the future. I also thank God for the training we had last year. Many Christians, pastors and church elders hadn’t studied or read from the Old Testament. The training last year has caused them to read & understand the Word of God in the Old Testament.