Greetings all,

Can’t believe it is just 4 weeks till I depart for another trip to Asia Pacific! The past few days we have been busy working at getting our flight schedule finalized with our helicopter pilot to get us to where we need to go and when.  It is shaping up to be another activity filled trip as we will be having leadership meetings with our Wana church leaders, holding a Bible conference with our Wana churches, making consultant trips to some of our other missionary teams, and also conducting a literacy workshop for our expat and Indonesian missionaries alike.

We praise the Lord that He has graciously supplied for me to purchase my airline tickets. I will appreciate your prayers as I still need to trust the Lord for about $1900 to cover the cost of helicopter travel and accommodations while I am there. Thanks for your prayers as we labor together to expand the reach of the gospel in Wana and Asia Pacific.

Ed & Jeanne

Landing in one of our villages

Consultant visit with our Wana Missionary team working in another language group