Greetings all,

As I sit here typing this we are awaiting a blizzard to hit in a few hours time. Yes we are wishing for the balmy Asian Pacific breezes right nowSmile. Yesterday after church a good friend of mine reminded me that I had forgotten to update everyone on Jeanne’s latest appointment with the spinal surgeon. I know many have been praying for her. We want to let you know that her 12 week follow-up report from the surgeon was excellent!! She no longer has to wear the neck brace now, she is able to drive, and also able to begin increasing her lifting gradually week by week. She also has good mobility in her neck and her headaches have decreased so we have been very excited about that – “thank you Lord”, and thank each of you too for praying – we really do appreciate that. As Paul Harvey would say “So there you have the rest of the story”.

Also just a quick update on my trip. It is hard to believe that I will be leaving home just 4 weeks from today. With Jeanne’s surgery and then Christmas/New Years it seems like these last three months have just flown by! Last time we emailed I was still in need of $2000 for the expenses of this trip but at the writing of this email $1700 has come in so I am almost there! Thanks again for praying. It has been neat to see how faithful the Lord has been in supplying for each of these trips.

At present I am busy working on trying to complete a comprehension check on the translation of Exodus before I depart, and also working on teaching preparation for teaching 2 Peter which we will be teaching at our Bible conference. Besides being involved in a Bible conference for our church leaders, teachers, and evangelists, we will also be making visits to other Wana villages for teaching and encouragement, along with making consultant visits to a number of other missionary teams to help them both in their culture and language study and the church planting challenges they are facing.

Thanks so much for being a part,

Ed & Jeanne

P.S. A little stroll around one of the villages

Pounding the hulls off of the rice….hard work for the girls but an enjoyable time for the chickens

How fast can you shinny up a coconut palm tree?

The papaya tree…..the fruit is oh so sweet! The leaves are bitter but also good for eating and very healthy. Ah yes a coconut palm the background loaded with coconuts.

Mrs. Undis has been digging cassava root……that is the root we get our tapioca from. They normally eat the root either boiled or roasted. She is surrounded by the cassava plants. The leaves of this plant are also good for eating and high in Vitamin B.

The village hospital……well not quite. When the government nurse is in town the doors open for business. The sign “POSKESDES” stands for “Village Health Post.” The government is trying to get these established in all the villages. However the nurses who run these are usually away from the village as much as present so each of our churches still has someone who helps with medical needs as well. Fancy sign though isn’t it Smile