Just a short update about my appointment with the surgeon today. Dr Rahm did an ultrasound and compared it to the one she did before the chemo started. Some of the tumors are completely gone and some have shrunk quite a bit. This is after 3 chemo treatments. She suggested I see a plastic surgeon and get some advice about when the surgery will take place. Usually it is 4 to 6 weeks after the chemo ends which is supposed to be March 31st. Dr Rahm would do the surgery in conjunction with the plastic surgeon.

Some time, probably early March she will have another MRI to compare with the original one. Dr Rahm said that I may not need radiation after the surgery, but they will make a recommendation later about that. So it was GOOD NEWS for which we THANK THE LORD. We were so pleased with the appointment.

Of course we KNOW PRAYERS have had a BIG part in the above news!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your LOVE and PRAYERS and being part of this Journey we are going through.

Lots of Love,

Cherrie & Charlie