Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in helping to share the love of Jesus with the Hewa tribal people of Papua New Guinea.

Praise the Lord with us for a wonderful time of reuniting with family and friends in the USA. We feel so blessed by your love and care. We are also very grateful for the Lord’s protection as we have traveled many miles through the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, California, and Florida.

Praise the Lord with us for the completion of the airstrip in Hewa! We received News from the Georges and Dunns that an airplane has landed successfully several times and the necessary paperwork has been submitted to the government.

Praise the Lord with us that Faimpat, Fato and Ken have started teaching the Creation through Christ series for the many Hewa people who have moved to our new village area. They have been meeting twice a day for over a month. Please pray for minimal distractions and that the villagers will make it a high priority to attend every session so they will have a clear understanding of the important truths.

Sad news. We learned that two young Hewa men have committed suicide since our departure from the tribe. We are shocked and dismayed to hear this and are grieving for our Hewa friends. Please pray the believers will have a strong and vibrant faith so they will help their youth find meaning and purpose for their lives. Also please pray the Georges and Dunns will learn the language quickly as they seek to share Christ’s love in the dark culture.

Announcing the release of our brand new book called Canopy of Darkness. It is an action packed adventure full of twists and turns telling how a Hewa village finally received the missionaries they had been asking for and about their first reactions to the message of the cross. I pasted a chapter on the page below as an introduction to the story.
COD book cover Oct 2013

You may purchase a copy of Canopy of Darkness by going online to Enter the coupon code “hewa” (lower case) in order to receive the author’s offer of $10. Half of all profits will be donated back to tribal ministries.

Thank you so much for partnering with us in the effort to share the love of Jesus with the Hewa tribal people.


Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna