Thank you for your love and prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in sharing the love of Jesus with our Hewa tribal friends here in Papua New Guinea. Thank you!

It has been exciting to help John George build his new house next to our house here in the ‘Yifki’ village. We are very grateful for the men who have volunteered to help us cut lumber from local trees and for the men who have helped build his house. John, Jessi and their three daughters have moved into their new house while John continues to work to make it comfortable. 


Recently we have been pushing hard to wrap up the different Bible books and chapters we have been translating into the original Hewa dialect in order to get to a place where we can switch gears to start learning the ‘Yifki’ dialect of the Hewa language. In addition to translation we are also trying to write lessons (sermons) for the passages we are translating so that later we can turn the corner to devote our full attention to translation and lesson preparation in the new dialect. There is a lot left to do before we are finished with the passages of the original dialect but we are hoping to start focusing on the new dialect by early summer of 2013. We are very encouraged that there continues to be a strong hunger for the Word as we watch the believers soak up the passages that we translate and teach. We put a new story, “Mr. Depsicable” under the Hewa  Tribe tab to try to give a small glimpse of what it is like to live and teach the Word in a place where violence and murder are common place.

Please continue to pray for Jag and Abby Dunn as they make plans to build their house in ‘Yifki’ next year. They hope to cut lumber starting in February in order to build the frame of their house in April. They are waiting on the lord for the finances for this endeavor.  Our entire team is feeling the financial strain that has hit us since we started building this new mission center in the ‘Yifki’ village because of the high price of chartering a helicopter.

The Hewa men at this location have finished the huge task of digging out all the trees on the proposed 600 meter airplane runway site. They are now trying to burn the huge mess of logs and branches and roots. Please pray the Lord provides a tractor for the next phase of leveling and grading the ground. We can’t wait to get this airstrip project finished as it will dramatically reduce the cost of ministry in this village.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers and gifts that have made it possible for us to minister for the Hewa tribal people. We are deeply grateful for your part in sharing the love of Jesus in the jungle.

Thank you!!!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna

Mikenna with John and Jessi’s three daughters in front of our home