Dear Team Members,

WOW it is hard to believe it is the end of 2012.  Recently we heard that “Life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer you get to the end the faster it goes!”

We trust this finds each of you well and encouraged in the Lord.  The northern cold weather caught up with us and we both came down with the flu mid-December.  Charlie is still not feeling the best so appreciate your continued prayers.

We trust each of you had a Special Christmas celebrating our Savior’s Birth.  We had a SPECIAL time with our daughter Esther, her husband Ricky and our grand-daughter Desirae who is two and a half years old – SUCH A FUN AGE!  We had Christmas with Ricky’s family and had loads of fun!

Our hearts continue to be encouraged as we hear of people groups around the world hearing the Gospel for the first time in their own Mother tongue.  This has resulted in many having put their faith in Christ as their Savior which is the REAL REASON for the SEASON.

Our hearts are humbled knowing you are part of our TEAM.  God Bless you so much!

We look forward to walking with our Lord, our Shepherd, in this NEW YEAR ahead of us.  There will be continued opportunities to serve Him day by day as we walk with Him.  While visiting friends in Maine, this quote on their wall caught our attention in reference to our Savior:  “The Changeless Master of Change.”  Though we know the days ahead will contain change not only for ourselves but for each of you, we KNOW that our Savior NEVER changes and HE is always there for each one of us!

We appreciate your continued prayers as we continue to see as many of our TEAM as possible on this last leg of this Retirement Trip.  We are looking forward to getting back home to Florida around January 28th.  We trust the Lord to guide us in the days ahead.  We know there is no total retirement, but we will be able to pace ourselves better in all He has for us.

A license plate we saw read “IN TUNE”.  May each of us stay IN TUNE with the LORD as we journey through 2013!

Love in Him,

Charlie & Cherrie

A bit of Trivia:     A song we heard while traveling went like this:  “What if God says No?  It doesn’t mean He loves us less!”  SO VERY TRUE!

We have had some bad winter weather along the way – snow and icy conditions.  One day while driving in such weather we saw another Florida license plate which meant we were not the only crazy ones!!!!!