Dear Team Members,

Our love to you from the “Land Down Under!” We trust this finds you well and encouraged in the Lord!

We arrived safely in Australia at 11:30AM last Wednesday to waves, smiles and hugs as Ben, Stephanie, and our four happy, talkative grandchildren welcomed us home for three months. We hadn’t even got all the way down the exit ramp from Immigration when the two youngest grandchildren, Llahna and Kyan, ran to us with out-stretched arms!!!!!

It was a fairly comfortable flight though exhausting. We say fairly as from the time we flew out of Kansas until we disembarked in Sydney it was 28hours! I (Cherrie) dozed some, but Charlie did not sleep a wink. My low back and legs have really suffered so would appreciate your prayers. I was pleased to have my collapsible walking cane with me. Actually we were up about 43 hours before crashing and sleeping soundly in the absolutely lovely, comfortable, relaxing granny flat (in-law flat for our American friends) that friends John and Vicky Lamplough are sharing with us here in Valley Heights, NSW. WHAT A THRILL TO WAKE UP TO THE SOUND OF KUKKABURRAS LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are located in the foot hills of the Blue Mountains in a bush area (forest area) – absolutely fabulous scenery but not far from the areas devastated by recent bush fires some of which we saw as our son Ben drove us here to the suburb of Valley Heights. Around 200 homes were lost during such fires. The rains finally came and we can see new growth – new life – new budding amidst the tragic devastation. How thankful that the Lord has promised “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

Our bodies feel like a road train has run over us, but are slowly adjusting and getting over jet lag and feeling more human!

We so enjoyed our time in Kansas with our son Ray and his dear family. Ray is recovering well from donating his kidney for which we are thankful. Dan, who received Ray’s kidney, is doing great!

Our son Ben’s back has improved some but he is still not doing the best. He has been able to go back to work on light duties. He sees the specialist again on Wednesday. Know he appreciates your prayers!

Our daughter Esther continues to do well with this pregnancy. Thank you all so much for your prayers. She is due around May 18th.

We sooo appreciate you and trust the Lord to be your constant encouragement! God Bless you sooo much!

With Our Love from the Land of Kookaburras, sulfur crested cockatoos, rosellas, huntsmen spiders, kangaroos, Vegemite, Tim Tams, Minties (special candies), and of course our FAMILY we had not seen for 3 ½ years!

Charlie & Cherrie


Contact address for us while in Australia: C/O Ben Case, 115 Golden Valley Dr., Glossodia, NSW 2756 Australia