Dear praying friends,

I actually sat down to answer all the personal emails that have come in over the past few days – but have just realized how weary I am – I was up before 4.00 this morning, and drove to the airport with David, Roxanne and children, so I could drive their vehicle home, as they left for a week in Singapore.  They had some very excited kids!!!  I am sure it is warm in Singapore..  it has been downright HOT here, and we even ran the air conditioner today!  They estimated it would be 41 degrees Celcius, but it only hit 39… with further HOT days are forecasted for the next 3 or 4 days.


After returning from the airport, Doug and I went into the hospital for him to have his stitches removed, and to get the results of his biopsy.  Because of Christmas, the biopsy results weren’t back….   Because of the infection they were unable to take the stitches out of his hands, and forearms, AND since being home, two of the incisions have opened right up!!!  (Something similar happened with his tummy, when they removed the PEG)…  so I am guessing, it will be a L-O-N-G haul, as the holes will need to heal from the inside out!

Doug is doing WELL – no complaints,  the pain is a lot less than Monday and Tuesday, so all is good.  Yesterday 3 of his brothers and their families were here for a number of hours, and it was wonderful.  Oh, what a blessing the pool has been.  Renee and Bryan’s children have progressed SO much with water confidence since coming to Perth.  Even Ezekiel just jumps in, with his inflated tube around his middle.

We will return to the hospital again next Thursday to have the rest of the stitches removed – and will probably then find out the result of the biopsy, and the results of the swab they did on Doug’s skin last Monday.  Raewyn’s knee surgery went well, but the recovery has been painful – however, she started back at work this week, and seems to be managing OK.  Brad, Rachel and children fly back to Perth tomorrow, on their return from the eastern states!!!  They have had a wonderful time with Brad’s family.

Bryan and Renee have got some VERY  HOT  weather in which to clean, pack, cart, store etc.  January 13th, will roll around awfully quickly.

Again, we want to tell you thank you for your prayers.  Love in Him, Bev for Doug, too

Doug and Bev Croot