Greetings to you at this Christmas time,

Today we are up in a tribal area in Western Highlands Province. I am sure you will be thrilled with this story.

Back in 2008 I tried to help little Rex Kumo, a three year old boy from a Yagarian village who was born with a nasoencephalocele.  Here is a photo I took of Rex at that time.


We enabled Rex to be taken to Port Moresby twice [the second time in mid-2009] to see specialists at the POM General Hospital only to be told that the necessary operation could not be performed because the metal plate and screws needed to close the encephalocele were not available in this country.  He would have to go to Australia.  I made application to Rotary Australia and Rotary in Port Moresby for Rex to be helped through their ROMAC programme but after I had filled in the necessary forms I heard no more and so thought it had all been to no avail.

Can you imagine our excitement on the 10th of December when we received a visit from Karon, Rex’s mother accompanied by Rex and he looked like this?

It turns out that in May, ROMAC did arrange for Rex and his mother to fly to Brisbane and the necessary operation was performed.

Thank you, thank you, Lord!

Lynette and Bill