IBC Greetings

Serving as the President of the Indian Bible College is one of the greatest privileges of my life. Many days I am amazed at the humbling responsibility the Lord and His people have entrusted me with: leading a ministry served by close to 200 people a year, many donors, and thousands of prayer partners. It takes a small army to run this small Bible college! IBC exists for the glory of God, by His blessing, and through the partnership of His people.

I’ve served as the leader of IBC for almost seven years and hope and pray for many more; yet I long for the day when I can hand the presidency to a Native man. Pray with us for longevity and for the provision of that Native leader to take my place someday.


Outdoor chapel

IBC Staff

We have a staff of over 20 people! These passionate and devoted people serve tirelessly for the students. Pray for them!

This Summer

This summer gave us the chance to work on our back yard that was destroyed in the flood in 2010. It has been a four year project with excavation, putting in the patio and now some grass and sprinklers, and retaining walls. We got it done in time to welcome one of our visiting work teams to a BBQ and campfire. We love to have the work teams over, and use our backyard for church and school functions as well.

A Busy Fall

This fall has been one of the busiest we have experienced. Sarah is homeschooling our four kids and is active in ministering to the women in our church plant (SOMA), and IBC. Some of the fun activities were a baby shower for a new, young mom in SOMA, and a tea party for the IBC ladies.

 Ladies’ Tea Party

Jason has been busy working on the accreditation self-study, developing a master facilities plan, teaching two classes, and leading the first male student to go through Mending the Soul (our abuse-recovery process). Jason has also spent a lot of time this semester helping the school through the “growing pains” that have resulted from the fact that the staff has doubled in size in the last three years.

Prayer Requests for the Coming Year

  • Our student body is a little smaller this year—pray for more quality students!
  • It has been an exhausting semester—pray for meaningful rest over Christmas break.
  • Please pray with us for a Director of Information Technology.


Family Time at Buffalo Park

Holiday Plans

One of the things we are most looking forward to is a quiet and peaceful Christmas Break as we recover from the hectic pace of the school year. December will also bring the annual gingerbread house building party for the female students and staff. Sarah started this a few years back and it has become a favorite activity for the end of the semester activity.


Jason & Sarah and kids