Excuses, excuses. Due to a pinched nerve (or something) in my right arm, and 2 falls on the ice doing dastardly despicable damage to my left limb, you’re getting lots of pictures but lean on the text again. And even the text will be of the one fingered huntin’ n peckin’ typing style!

Fall #1 was in the impressively bruised stage when tumble #2 occurred – onto the same arm. Worst of it was battling to stay warm as I sat with my hand & arm wrapped in ice. I am VERY thankful though that nothing seems broken!


Friend Kellie arrived expecting a mild Missouri December vacation exploring the Ozarks. Instead she used her Oregon expertise & spent her visit sweeping snow off my front porch, chipping ice off my car, shoveling a path for the car from the yard to the alley, pushing my car as the wheels spun out on the ice, etc. Mega thanks, Kellie!









Needless to say the ice & snow bring on warm reminiscing of Christmas in PNG where I’d be:

  • Swathed in sweat instead of perpetually shivering
  • Have Christmas decorating already finished as that amounts to taking the plastic bag off my 18” tall Christmas tree and setting it on the bookshelf!
  • Baking for the ladies in our Bible Study group & “partying” with them
  • Teaming up to take Christmas goodies to the staff at the local hospital
  • Prepping for all our traditional Sepik Family Holiday gatherings
  • Getting lots of help from the kiddos who call me “Gwama”

Instead for this Christmas in the USA I’m gearing up for a traditional Sharp Christmas!!!! Some family arrive the 23rd and the rest the 27th – giving me a few additional days prep time before we celebrate together. Since we have only 1 in every 5 or 6 Christmases together this is a super specially anticipated time. We only regret that my sister and her family can’t be with us too. Still, all God allows us as a family is greatly appreciated – as are each of you who are standing with me even thru these “Home Assignment” days, seeing the various needs met.

Once the Holidays end I’ll begin working on my MO – AZ – CA – FL – MO itinerary. I’m also planning the traditional jaunt for spring in Hoosier land, with some side trips to IL and MI along the way. Please go ahead and contact me if you are up for my stopping by to catch up with YOU! I do look forward to crossing paths with as many folks as possible, to see 1st hand how you spend your days and hear what God is doing in your lives.

It would feel highly inappropriate to send out a Christmas letter without at least attempting to wax eloquent on some aspect of the celebration of our Savior’s birth, so ……

Last week many in our town gathered to honor a local fallen Marine. A salute of silence spoke the respect of the crowds lining his funeral procession route. This man gave his life defending our temporal, earthly freedom. The One we esteem this Christmas season came to die to provide us with oh, so much more – our freedom for all eternity! We celebrate Christ as the babe in the manger, remembering too that He came to die to free us forever, giving His life to deliver us from the penalty of sin, the power of sin in our lives today, and eventually from the very presence of sin. May God give each of us opportunities to share this “Good news of great joy” to those He brings across our paths today — and each day through the years to come!

Co-laboring with you for the King!

Hope Sharp