Dear Team Members,

It is hard to believe we are “Down Under” at this SPECIAL time of the year!

You are ALL SPECIAL to us! How we thank the Lord for your lives and for the part you have in our lives. We know He is using you “Where He has planted you” :o) We trust Him to bless and encourage each of you now and in 2014! Please share with us any prayer requests you have so we can continue to be praying for you.

We left the USA just in time, as we have heard of the horrendous winter weather that has hit so many of you. We trust the Lord to watch over each of you around the world. It has been in the 80’s and 90’s here and ever so winter. Actually the weather has been really changeable which is probably why Charlie got sick not long after our arrival. He is some better for which we are thankful.

We are enjoying SPECIAL times with our son Ben, his wife Stephanie, and our grandchildren Jayden(14), Ashton (12), Llahna (10), and Kyan (7). What a joy it was for us to be here when Ashton and Llahna were baptized on December 8th as an outward expression of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. They both wanted their grandfather to be part of their baptism which was SPECIAL.

Please be praying for our son Ben with his back problems. At this writing his back has gone backwards and not doing well again. We trust the Lord to heal and give wisdom to the doctors in these days. Know Ben appreciates your prayers.


“Writings December 3rd, 1013

I was sitting on a rock at the back of the granny flat, where we are staying in Valley Heights, NSW. Gum trees all around, rocks everywhere, gully below, and trees burnt from fires of not so long ago. Wow the cicadas were ever so loud!!!!!!!!!! Waves of lighter sounds and getting louder and louder!!!!! Then almost deafening!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet somehow there was a quietness! Off in the distance I could hear voices – children – probably a school campus and someone speaking over a loud speaker. Then from another direction I heard a dog barking, then vehicles, then the cry of a cockatoo, and finally the laugh of a kookaburra. Maybe he was laughing at the world and all its business – just laughing and enjoying the day!

Quietness! YES even in the rush of the world, and the sounds around us that want to crowd out our rest and contentment, in the Lord there can be peace and contentment in our hearts and lives.”

As we celebrate this SPECIAL time of the year, may our peace and contentment be because “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”!

With Love from the Land where there is no snow at Christmas time, just the white sand of coastal beaches!!!!

Charlie & Cherrie