Happy Christ-celebration!

The last day of the semester was on Friday–it went by so fast! We had a remarkable (historical?) semester in that no students dropped out! Every full-time student that begin in August finished in December–all 29 of them! Some struggled financially (either with a lack of personal responsibility or lack of resources); others struggled academically (we will have several new students in academic probation next semester); one student was even in jail for a couple of days! But all the students persevered to the end of the semester with a good attitude (and positive response to our efforts at restorational discipline) and all but one plan/hope to return next semester.


This has not happened in the five previous fall semesters that I’ve been here for. Other staff who have been here longer can’t remember a semester like this either!

Five weeks ago I formalized the completion of the training process of Kevin, our new Academic Dean. I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to have a fully-functioning academic dean and to be focusing on being the president! Thanks for all your prayers for that over the years!

This coming week we have inservice days with staff meetings, prayer times, and the annual staff evaluations. On Friday the 20th we close the office for 14 days so that the staff can get some rest. I have a couple of ministry tasks to do during the break (including speaking both services at our home church on the 29th), but should get a lot of family time!

Please be praying for the students during their break. Most of them have returned home and home is often a difficult environment, with family and friends who tempt and torment the students towards abandoning their obedience to Christ.

Thanks for your partnership and prayers! We are so grateful to be serving Native people with your help. We pray that the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:14,17) is especially real and tangible for you and yours this Christmas season.

Jason and family