Sonja Blea is a Missionary with Thin Blue Line Ministries (TBLM). TBLM works mainly in Latin America to spread the news of Jesus Christ and combat sex trafficking, prostitution, gang activities, and organized crime.

To do so, they:

  • Strengthen military, local police, and government officials by providing counseling and teaching how to deal with trauma.
  • Connect with police and military in supportive and encouraging personal relationships.
  • Offer strategic counsel concerning key matters of public safety such as sex trafficking, gang violence, organized crime, etc.
  • Share the Good News of life in Christ Jesus in a way that is clear and relevant to men and women in uniform, government officials, and to those affected by crime.
  • Work with other believers and local churches in host countries as much as possible and/or begin a local church to help new believers grow and equip nationals to minister.
  • Develop working solutions in the lives of people directly affected by crime through means such as operating an orphanage, etc.

When Sonja is in the states, she establishes and maintains national and international relationships, oversees daily administrative operations, and coordinates trips to Latin America. She also oversees creation, design, and distribution of TBLM’s media. She represents the ministry at Missions Conferences, police training sessions, and churches.

In addition, Sonja travels with the TBLM team to Latin America to help with any work that needs to be done, and acts as a translator. She coordinates training sessions held in Honduras for psychologists, attorneys, social workers, and staff. She serves Ken Hodgeson, the founder of TBLM, helping him with his administrative needs so he can focus on the best way to lead the police training portion of the organization.