A new baby, and a fresh start.

Matiu and his wife, Saina, had a new baby! He is a healthy and good natured little boy, and mom is eager to show him off to everyone.

That’s not the only beautiful new thing that happened in their lives though, as recently Matiu took a bold step to move away from spirit appeasement practices, to a deeper commitment to the Lord. In the picture above, you can see Matiu blowing on a small flame to burn his bundle of feathers and other things used for spirit dances. As he was burning these things Sunday after church, he announced to the entire group his intentions to follow only Jesus. “I am done walking on two trails,” he said, “trying to go to church while at the same time attending spirit dances. I want everyone to see I am burning the things that tempt me to have a divided heart.”


After we finished teaching five weeks of daily lessons through the book of I Corinthians, the believers were so happy about what they learned that they decided to hold two more services so people would have a chance to talk about the passages that were most meaningful to them.

Alison shared from I Cor. 15:50-53 saying, “When we hear God’s trumpet our bodies will instantly change to be like Jesus, and then we will never have to think about getting sick or dying again.”

Emon shared from I Cor. 13:12 saying, “Right now our understanding is so very limited, like looking into a blurry mirror, but when Jesus returns we will see His face and at that time everything will make sense and we will have perfect thinking.”

Konef shared from I Cor. 13:8 saying, “The practice of putting hearts on people (love) is more important than anything else. The gifts that God gave to His children are very significant but the most important thing is that we put our hearts on other people like Jesus showed us.”

Susan and Mikenna are in California with Mikayla, helping her to cope with her spinal pain while she continues to attend classes at BIOLA University. Susan has been taking her to her Doctor appointments and to physical therapy sessions three times a week. So far the doctors have not found anything conclusive about her ongoing pain but Mikayla is encouraged the physical therapy appointments may be helping her some as she seems to be in less pain. It seems to cycle up and down though so it is difficult to tell if she is improving. Susan plans to return to Hewa on January 19.

Prayer and Praises

  • Please pray for complete healing for Mikayla’s back.
  • Praise the Lord with us that after our recent translation consultant review, many Old Testament chapters are now completed and ready to be added to the Hewa Bible. I am now formatting our recently consultant approved passages to get ready to print an updated version of the expanding Hewa Bible.
  • Praise the Lord with us for how Matiu and many others are growing in their faith.

Thank you for your love and prayers! We deeply appreciate your part in reaching out to the Hewa tribal people with the Love of Jesus.

Thank you!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna