Traditional beliefs

Interesting Facts The Mengen people have many traditional beliefs. Much of their culture revolves around the fact that when people die, their spirits linger here on the earth. These spirits have the potential to help or harm them, so the Mengen would do all sorts of magic to manipulate the spirits into giving them health,Continue reading Traditional beliefs

Mengen Missionaries

Interesting Fact Bible teaching About 6 months ago, we commissioned our first 2 missionary families.  They have moved away from our village, to another Mengen village about 10 hours hike away.  Currently they are teaching the “Creation to Christ” evangelistic Bible lessons, and are about halfway through.  The people in this village and other villagesContinue reading Mengen Missionaries

Bible translation

Interesting Fact The book of Jonah We currently have about 50% of the NT translated, as well as major portions of Genesis and Exodus. Lord willing, we’ll be able to have another 7 books completed in 2014 and hope to see the completion of the NT in the next 3 years. My main translation helperContinue reading Bible translation

Literacy school

Interesting Fact Before we came, the literacy rate in our village was very low. The local school for kids is located about 1.5 hours straight up the mountain from us, so many children would not make the hike each day to attend school. Several years ago, we started a literacy program, teaching people to readContinue reading Literacy school

General facts

* The Mengen people are subsistence farmers. They live off the food which they grow in their gardens. * To compliment a person in Mengen, you would say, “You are fat!” or “Your skin is big!!” * The Mengen live in houses made of hand-split boards and grass roofs. * Some Mengen believe that theyContinue reading General facts

Spiritual beliefs

Interesting Fact There are 2 main religions in our area (apart from animism).  The one religious group is called “the Cargo Cult”. People who follow the cargo cult believe that if they follow the 10 Commandments, then God will be happy with them and give them health, wealth and success.  They will chant the 10 Commandments over andContinue reading Spiritual beliefs


Interesting Fact Our “baptism pool” was discovered several years ago in the jungle, not far from our house. It is a natural rock pool with a little waterfall that keeps the water constantly moving. It’s surrounded on 3 sides by clear rock where everyone can stand around and watch a baptism take place. It’s theContinue reading Baptism