Sept 24, 2013

Written by AJ


News Release Men’s college team three traveled across Europe using basketball to tell others about Jesus. I was lucky enough to lead this trip and began praying months and months before we traveled that God would put who He wanted on this trip. He answered that prayer. Ten young men committed to this trip and wanted to share Jesus. We set off with an understanding that we were not saving anyone, that’s God’s job. We merely sought to share our hope that we will one day see Jesus and God in His full glory for eternity. Often in the right place at the right time, I was able to hear our players giving glory to God and leading kids to seek after Him. I wish I could write down all the amazing stories I have from this trip, but I’m not trying to write a novel here. However, I will say that I saw children commit their life to the Lord on this trip. I was able to see our players breaking the Gospel down and explaining about Jesus and His love. Many people heard the grace and truth of the Gospel and we all were humbled to be used to expand God’s kingdom.

August 3, 2013

From AJ:

We are on our fourth day of camp.  The campers of Lauf really enjoy having us and we are just excited to spend time with them!  We worship every morning and each day it gets more passionate.  The theme of camp is The Love of God. We continually get to share about the life of Jesus and how God loves each and every one.

On the flight and on the ground

Julian writes:

I read Acts 1-5 on the plane. Tyler, who has generously offered to lead be the teams spiritual leader, recommended that we read those chapters before stepping out onto the missions field. I am really excited to serve beside Tyler. We read in Acts how the early church was keenly marked by the power that comes from absolute surrender to the Spirit. I pray, as we fly nearer and nearer Europe, that this same characteristic would also mark us as a team.

Newsletter–July 2013


DOD is getting closer!

NRBT3’s Date of Departure is July 28. For three weeks, the team will be touring Germany and Belgium. They’ll be coaching camps and playing basketball in Nuremberg, Lauf, Munich, Antwerp, and Brugge.


Before they go, the team training camp is scheduled for July 25-27. They’ll work on their skills and get to know each other as a team. They won’t just be practicing basketball. When they play games in Europe, at half-time, one of the players will give a testimony. Training camp is a time to get to work on their testimonies as well.