July 2016

This month we would like to share Jason Stuart’s update. We’re sure he would appreciate your prayers!

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank all who prayed for the points I mentioned last month regarding the upcoming outreach that the Inaru church is planning to the village of Namu. This last week Jedidiah and a friend of his and I were able to take a trip to Inaru and Namu. Here are some of the ways that the Lord has answered prayers, as well as a few more prayers requests:

August 2015

Once again, some of you have had to prompt me, “When are you going to send some news about yourselves?” So here it is.

Our ministries

We have continued as instructors for Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI). As well as checking lessons for students in Tier 1, the introductory lessons which are designed to lead the student to trust Christ as Saviour, we have both been assigned a student who is working in Tier 2 on lessons to encourage believers. Bill is now mentoring a man named Greg from the prison in Wagin, Western Australia and I am continuing to mentor Rei (Ray) from Lae prison in Papua New Guinea. Would you pray that they would really grow in faith through doing the lessons?

May 2015

Dear Everyone,

This has to be a VERY short message I am sorry.

Bill and I leave tomorrow morning to go to Sydney to stay overnight in a hotel close to the Sydney airport. Then we will set off on the first leg of our flight to Arizona to visit Philip, Mindy and their 4 children. We are planning to stay 3 weeks and will arrive back in Sydney early in June.

March 1, 2015

Dear prayer warriors,

Early in 2004, Jason Stuart, a young American man who had been working for a number of years with the Inaru people in PNG married Toni, a young Australian who was working with a tribal group in the Philippines. Together they returned to Inaru where Jason completed the translation of the New Testament for that language group.

The Lord gave them a son and a daughter during those years and then the family moved out to Wewak to undertake a ministry helping other teams still discipling young churches and translating the New Testament for them.

February 10, 2015

Good Evening,

This evening I have received an update from Jessica who together with her husband John Michael partners in the ministry to the Hewa people of PNG. You will recall joining us in praying for some young women who were accused of witchcraft because a large number of Hewa people died in a measles epidemic.

Cottam’s Coo-ee Nov 2014

Thank you for continuing to pray for us though we have been silent for months. In recent mail two prayer warriors have written, “Hope you are both well as I haven’t heard of you for months either. I guess all settled and finding what God has for you where He has ‘planted’ you. Are you really happy there?” and “Write some about you and Bill SOON!” I shall try to share how the Lord has ordered our days over these past ten months. I fear this may become quite long, but I shall use headings to help you to skim if you wish.

May 2014

Praise the Lord with us!

You will remember that a few months ago we asked you to join us in asking the Lord for an urgently needed aeroplane for New Tribes Mission Aviation PNG. No doubt you have been praying and wondering what was happening as a result.

We have good news. We have received the news from NTMA in the U.S.A. that God has wonderfully provided the Kodiak plane we have been asking Him for. Here is the letter they sent out letting us know:

December 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

We wish you all a blessed Christmas and the Lord’s very best for you in the New Year.

We are now in our own home in Paxton. Thank you for praying concerning the two settlements. The Dubbo settlement took place on Monday 16th and the cheques were sent over to our conveyancer. They arrived in time and the settlement for our Paxton house went ahead on Wednesday 18th December as planned.

We moved up to Paxton on Thursday. Our son David drove a hired van with the furniture we have been given in it and various other items in boxes and suitcases and my brother Graham drove up in his Prado loaded with the more fragile items. Rita and the boys came along as well. It was very good to have them see our home on the very first day.

October 28, 2013

“How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach,” …without teeth??


Believe it or not, our main Mission Center in Papua New Guinea has a FULLY equipped DENTAL CLINIC… ready to serve more than 500 Missionaries! BUT WE HAVE NO-ONE to run it or even to come for TWO WEEKS to take care of the most critical needs.

October 2013

Dear Prayer Warriors, I have just seen this video of the dedication of the New Testament for the Siawi people of the Sepik region of PNG. Missionaries first went to Siawi in 1985 and the dedication was this year. Praise the Lord with us for how He has drawn Siawi people to Himself and givenContinue reading October 2013

August 27, 2013

Dear Prayer Warriors,

As we have been travelling around Australia these past three months, we have spoken to some of you about the PNG flight programme’s desperate need of pilots. Our only pilot licensed to fly the twin-engined King Air plane is planning to go on at least one year’s home assignment in June 2014 and it seemed that there could no be any flights to Cairns in particular and that the whole flight programme may even need to close down.

August 2013

Hullo everyone! We have been in Western Australia since Saturday 20th July, two and a half weeks ago.

Firstly, thank you for praying concerning our medevac insurance claims.

Praise the Lord with us! The insurance company agreed to pay for Bill’s medevac although they refused to pay for my medevac. The Lord undertook so that the funds received were sufficient to pay the debt for both flights. We just received the monthly statement from the bookkeeping office in PNG revealing that our account is in the BLACK again after our being in debt to the rest of the field for 6 months. What a relief!

June 2013

Once again we have much to thank the Lord for.  We are safely settled at Tree Tops Lodge in Cairns.  We managed to get everything packed up by the end of last night.  Then we were in to the hangar before the appointed time of 7 a.m.   We got away and down to Port Moresby where we were held up for quite a while before the immigration people were ready to check our departure forms and passports and then to have the plane fueled.  So we were away just after 10:30 for the 2 hour and 20 minute flight to Cairns.

March 10, 2013

Dear Ones,

We have lived all these years in “the land of the unexpected”.  Well now, it seems we have become “people of the unexpected”.

On Saturday 2nd March, after having been sick for 3 weeks, I was medically evacuated to Cairns, Australia, just as Bill had been in January.  My kidneys were functioning at only about 20% of their normal function.  Bill was able to come with me and Trevor and Estelle Burns our friends and co-workers of NTM PNG Cairns Assist opened their home to Bill.

January 2013

We have learned that some of our prayer warriors have been worrying about our health because they had not heard from us for quite a while. We do apologise for that. We are well and are enjoying what the Lord gives us to do each day. The days have been full once again since I returned from the five weeks I spent in Cairns getting medical help in August and September. We are presently staying with the tribal team in North Waghi up near Banz in W.H.P. [for anyone who wishes to explore on a map.] We came up for a vacation on 17th December and tomorrow will return to Sobega.

December 22, 2012

Greetings to you at this Christmas time,

Today we are up in a tribal area in Western Highlands Province. I am sure you will be thrilled with this story.

Back in 2008 I tried to help little Rex Kumo, a three year old boy from a Yagarian village who was born with a nasoencephalocele.  Here is a photo I took of Rex at that time.