markflyingWhile I was growing up, our church always had lots of missionaries who would come and speak, telling of the work they were in and challenging us to go into missions. Our family was also involved in supporting missionaries in Alaska by doing work projects. After I was saved as a senior in high school, I had the opportunity to work at several youth camps, which included the use of aviation to transport supplies and kids. This helped spark my interest in mission aviation. I felt God calling me into full-time Christian ministry in the area of mission aviation over the next year (1990-91). I got side tracked and got away from the Lord for several years. When God brought me back to Himself, I still felt that He was calling me into missions. God led me to Moody Bible Institute to pursue Missionary Aviation.


We grew up doing missions projects at church, and listening to missionary speakers on a regular basis. During junior high and high school, a couple of my friends’ families went to Brazil for a year to teach at an MK school. God used their testimonies, His Word, along with the awareness of the needs in other countries, to give me a desire to serve Him full-time in mission work. I pursued a degree at Moody Bible Institute.

Our continuing story…

…and this is where God brought us together. After we were married in 1997, we continued to pursue God’s call into missions. Mark completed Moody’s flight and maintenance program, graduating in 2001 and 2002. We headed to Alaska to see if this was where God would have us to serve. We were there for a year and a half, when God seemed to be closing that door for us. But, the same time He closed that door, He opened another. God led us to New Tribes Mission while Mark was on a short-term mission trip to PNG in 2004. God has gifted our family with the gift of Service and Encouragement, which are qualities needed in mission aviation with New Tribes Mission.

In August 2004 we were accepted into New Tribes training program. We attended New Tribes Language Institute in Camdenton, Missouri from 2005-2006. Upon our graduation we became members of New Tribes Mission, effective June 1, 2006.