Our Family

The Lord blessed us with four children, all born on the field. Corinne home-schooled the first two until furlough. While we were away, our boarding school for missionary children was established in the highlands. At that time mission policy was that it was obligatory to send the children to the school. So the three oldestContinue reading Our Family

Prayer & Praise

General Prayer Requests Pray for the Lord’s enabling for Malcolm and Tom and others who help check translation to be able to complete the New Testament revision, the translation of Old Testament portions and lesson books. Praise the Lord that the His people have generously given money for the printing of the revised Hamtai NewContinue reading Prayer & Praise

Current Ministry

Now that Corinne and I have worked in the Hamtai tribe off and on for 50 years, our main task is to revise the Hamtai New Testament. Our field leadership advised us that it was time for us to withdraw and locate outside of the tribe so that the Hamtai church would lean less uponContinue reading Current Ministry

Current Ministry

After us serving for 20 years on the field of Papua New Guinea in Missionary Aviation, God has redirected our path through some personal physical afflictions. Steve’s passion has always been to provide quality Bible teaching material, in the native Pidgin language. He was able to do this on a small scale while on theContinue reading Current Ministry