Current Ministry

The Fosters actually have a dual ministry. They are involved full-time with the Bena Bena people, but also work as culture advisors teaching classes with Interface (ITF). This gives the students some hands on experience with tribal missionaries. They give input to the ITF staff on how to keep good relationships with the Bena BenaContinue reading Current Ministry

Life at the Luyendyks

Living in Sinow provides many experiences that a person just wouldn`t enjoy outside of an isolated jungle location. Have you ever had to duck from thumb-sized beetles dive-bombing your eyebrows? Have you ever been startled awake by the sound of giant fruitbats bouncing off the clothes line, trying to be the first one up toContinue reading Life at the Luyendyks

Sinow Stats

Sinow is a tribal village situated on a large jungle river that flows through northwestern Papua New Guinea. “Sinow” sounds like “see no”, when spoken. Location — Sinow is alongside the Upper Sepik River, about 50 km from Irian Jaya border. Population — There are about 260 people in the village of Sinow; and combinedContinue reading Sinow Stats

Call to Missions

First let me start by saying, I had no plans on being a foreign missionary. I knew since I was seventeen, when I surrendered to preach, that I would be in full-time service to the Lord. I always thought that I would be pastoring somewhere in America. When I began serving as Assistant Pastor atContinue reading Call to Missions


Terry I was raised on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio, and during that time my family and I would attend the Catholic church. We only attended a few times a year. When I was six years old, my parents divorced. My brother and I stayed with my mother and we ended up moving close toContinue reading Testimony

Current Ministry

The Lord has led us to the island of New Ireland. New Ireland is one of Papua New Guinea’s many islands. It is a very narrow island that is about 200 miles long, and has over 100,00 people on it. We are working in the southern part of the island, doing church planting. Our firstContinue reading Current Ministry


Christian Reformed World Missions – the mission organization that supports us Two websites that give you Haitian information and current events: Windows on Haiti Haitian Times


Howard and Ruth both were raised in homes where Christ was center and service to Him was a high value. It was in their early years that they came to know and accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives. Howard believes that his father’s work with Christian Reformed Home Missions with NativeContinue reading History

Needs List

The Van Dam Family In January we will celebrate 18 years of life and ministry in Haiti. The work has evolved quite a bit, but we still feel a strong sense of God’s vision and calling to serve our partners here in this place. Howard’s main foci are with our three partners, the Ministry ofContinue reading Needs List

Current Ministry

Christian Reformed World Missions and Christian Reformed World Relief Committee are two mission agencies of the Christian Reformed Church of North America. In Haiti these two agencies join together in ministry. They are called “Sous Espwa,” meaning “Source of Hope” in Haitian Creole. Our mission strategy for church and community development involves partnering with severalContinue reading Current Ministry


DAVID Dave was born in Albury N.S.W. Australia. His parents moved to Queensland soon after he was born so he grew up in Central Queensland amongst wheat, cattle and sapphire mining. His parents were Christians but he resisted committing his life to the Lord until he was 17 years of age. Soon after that, heContinue reading History

Previous Ministry

We arrived in PNG in April 2009. We served a year as dorm parents! We were excited to have 7 teenagers staying with us throughout the school year. After that came our aviation ministry. Our aviation ministry: Enabled the church planting missionaries to spend more time in the tribe by providing timely transportation of themContinue reading Previous Ministry

Call to Missions

When people ask me about my call to the mission field, I often tell them how I was watching TV one night while eating ice cream with bananas and caramel topping as my submissive wife was giving me a neck massage. All of a sudden, the drapes blew wildly, the lights flickered, and the TVContinue reading Call to Missions

Life in Myubak

Once, Mark went to Myubak to remove items from one of the missionary’s houses. Here are his reflections on NTM’s work there. Going into Myu was “interesting.” On one hand, I felt remorse with taking the house down. It was sad as I remembered my times up there – deliveries, getting stuck in the mud,Continue reading Life in Myubak

Current Ministry

We are now the Hawaii based Representatives for New Tribes Mission. Our 23 plus years serving in Papua New Guinea, where we supplied missionary families living in the jungle, has come to an end as the missionaries have planted over 25 self propagating Churches, completed 4 New Testament Translations and they themselves have moved outContinue reading Current Ministry

Interest: The Challenge

by Jim Tanner Steep mountains and mist filled valleys create quite a challenge to those hiking in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Technically, the Highlands include the five provinces of Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Western Highlands, Southern Highlands and Enga. Those seeking gold in the 1930’s were surprised to find so many people where theyContinue reading Interest: The Challenge