October 2012

What is a flight of three you may ask? It is when three aircraft fly in formation to a common destination. Kim and I had the opportunity to be a part of that flight of three as we made a trip to Chihuahua Mexico.

October 2012

The Manus Pastors’ Seminar

Dear Supporters,

We had a wonderful time in Manus with the folks you see in the photo above. Many of the village pastors were excited to have the Bible lessons to study and to teach from. This month, we’re heading to a remote airstrip near Mt Bosavi in the Southern Highlands Province (SHP) where 60 pastors have registered to attend so far. In November, we have a conference in the Pawaian tribe and another pastors’ seminar near Lake Kutubu in the SHP. Pray that God’s word will go out with power.

October 2012

Hello friends and greetings from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Thank you for your prayers. We feel the power of your prayers in our lives on a daily basis. Please pray and praise your way through the following notes.

October 2012

Dear Team Members,
G’Day from Kansas where the temperature is getting colder each and every day, and the leaves are starting to show their brilliant autumn colors!

Thank you for your prayers as we travel, but most of all for our daughter-in-law Janelle who had major back surgery on September 20th.  The operation went well, but we know she would appreciate your prayers for the weeks ahead as her back heals and she recuperates.  We are with Ray and Janelle this week which is SPECIAL.  Of course seeing their children and their families is GREAT!!!   Of course the icing on the cake is to see our great-grand-daughter Temperance!  Temperance will be two in December and she already talks about the computer!

October 2, 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

The autumn cool weather is such a relief from the hot and drought of summer.  Thank you LORD for the different seasons that you send into our lives!

We send our thanks to each of you for your concern, your prayers and your financial giving for our family.  We appreciate it very much during these trying times.

October 2012

Term one is now over and I still was enjoying teaching Introduction to Christian Education when it ended! Now I have an easier term ahead of me but major preparations to be made for the History of North America. I am also in charge of the arrangements and preparations for our annual fall conference October 15-18.  I will need to get busy writing/editing the fall newsletter as well, so it will be a very busy term even though I’m not teaching a three-credit course until the third term.

September 26, 2012

Our Provisionary God

Hello Friends

Since our last writing to you, we have seen our provisionary God supply all that we need – and so much more.  Thank you for praying for the many requests mentioned earlier; in this epistle we will tell of God’s answering of those prayers.


I am scheduled to depart US soil this Friday for the long trip back to PNG.  I will stay 3 weeks in that country, and then return to the US in time to rejoin my family for our oldest son’s (Jordan) birthday.  While in PNG, I am looking forward to spending time with the Bena believers in fellowship, in discipleship, and in formal times of teaching from God’s Word.  Part of our time around God’s Word will be spent comprehension checking my Romans translation, as well as reading and studying Romans together.

September 26, 2012

Dear praying friends,

          Greetings from Lapilo, the centre where Rhesa, Bobby and girls live.  We have already been here for 5 full days, and it has taken that long for us to move all our email addresses from a Word document on an USB and retype them all onto Bobby’s computer.  (Thank you Bobby).  We made the decision NOT to carry a computer with us, which has had its draw backs, but I was quite thankful to have one less item to care for as we travelled.

September 2012

Pastors’ Seminar in Manus Province

September 17-22

How thankful we are for many things. Word is getting out that we have Bible lessons printed and available for sale, and we are getting more and more requests to hold seminars to teach people how to use them properly. This month we have one in the province of Manus, pictured in dark red on the map to the right. We’ve never been there before, but it seems like God’s timing to allow us to get acquainted with pastors there. Pray that the sessions will go well. We have invitations to hold pastors’ seminars in October and November in the Southern Highlands Province. These are more remote areas and the pastors say that they need help. Next year, we were asked to teach in a training center for couples who want to be involved in full time service outside their own tribes. They know how to do church planting in their own languages, but want to reach beyond their borders. Pray for God to rise up the right couples, to see the Gospel go out to more places.

September 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this is the day we have been looking and working toward for the past nearly two years. We started submitting the completed manuscript of the Hamtai New Testament to our New Tribes Mission Publications Department in the headquarters, which is only 1½  miles from the NTM Homes where we live. It is good being this close so that we can communicate freely with Doug Lotz as he starts to format the New Testament and get it ready for printing. Otherwise we would have to do it all via Email and phone. Here we are in his office discussing the formatting:

September 23, 2012

Hello again!
I can’t tell you how much your prayers and words of encouragement have meant to me these past few weeks! Thank you for laboring with me. God has been teaching me to look to Him, to wait on His perfect plan in all things, and that He values faithfulness more than anything. So by His grace, and your support, I am carrying on here.

September 2012

Greetings from Kansas City,

  • We thank you for your prayers and continued financial support of our labor for Christ in Papua New Guinea.  Our ministry has presently changed location since August 21st.  We received word that we needed to get home fast.  Sandy’s mom has a terminal illness and had developed other health complications also.  We are presently in Kansas City, MO.

September 21, 2012

HI there,
    I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me by e-mail.  We are all fine.  The kids are back in school and working so they are busy.  Joan is always moving cleaning houses, our house and taking care of all of us.  She is like an Eveready Bunny and just keeps going.

September 2012

Reason to celebrate. Guess what season it is here in the jungle? It’s not Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving, but it is equally exciting. It is now the season for collecting wild fowl eggs! Each year, as soon as the jungle acorn nuts have fallen, a certain wild bird no larger than a chicken scrapes together all the rotting leaves and vegetation from the jungle floor to make a pile that is sometimes over four feet tall and eight feet wide. The bird will then lay one huge egg each day for the next few weeks in that pile and leave it to be incubated by the heat of decomposing matter. This is the time of the year when our Hewa friends love to search through the jungle for these nests of treasures. They have already been bringing a few of these sometimes partially developed delicacies back to the village to share with us and they are anticipating a big harvest this year. Is anyone ready to join us for an egg hunt?

September 2012

Dear Team Members,

Time has flown by and it is time for us to start our long trip in view of us retiring.  We leave early on Thursday morning the 20th.   The bad news is we have been hearing that weather up north has already started turning cold!  The good news is Chuck and Darlene Marshall have caught on to our jobs of Business Advisor and Secretary really well.  We keep telling them we are only a phone call away if they forget how to do something or need help.

September 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

I must be getting older as time sure is ticking away right before my very eyes!  Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone!  Our new country actually celebrated a holiday as well this week on the 29th of August. The holiday is called the Slovak National Uprising as Slovakia sent in over 60,000 rebel troops to fight against German occupying forces in 1944. 

August 2012

Hi Family and Friends!

Well, the overseas adventure has begun once again!  We began the adventure by getting bumped up to ‘premium economy’ on British Airways as we flew from Chicago to London!  We sure enjoyed this nice little surprise and had our best recovery from jet lag EVER!!  We spent the first few weeks exploring our new city, meeting with colleagues and looking for a place to live.  God has provided a wonderful apartment for us in the center of the city!  It is two blocks from the Danube River (which has bike and running trails along its banks!) as well as the newest mall in Bratislava, and is a 5 minute walk from the main bus station!  We got the keys to the apartment today and will spend our first night there on the 1st! We do hope many of you come and see us at our new location! Please see the view from our balcony and a brief look at the inside of our place in the pics below!



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