I was hiking out behind my house when I tripped. Down I fell, smashing my phone and bruising and messing up my legs. Those rocks! They are nearly invisible against the tan soil and loose gravel. As I continued on my way, grateful to have no broken bones, I began thinking how the rocks were either stumbling blocks or something solid to place your foot on to keep from slipping. Ah yes. Kind of like having absolute Truth to rest in when the culture around us is slipping and sliding on the gravel of relativism. The Rock of God’s unchanging Truth either causes people to stumble or gives solid footing in the midst of chaos. We must not lose heart when everything around us is determined by the latest polls and the everchanging opinions of men. May God grant us grace to stand firm on His Word!


What a beautiful summer it has been so far! I was so enthralled with it all that I forgot to get out a July update! The summer started out, after a week off, with a bang as a work team from my supporting church in Indiana descended on campus. It was great to hang out with them and work with them. And what a bonus to spend time with my sister-in-law, niece, and grand niece! The whole group worked amazingly hard and well. We enjoyed a trip to Grand Canyon, a long drive across the Navajo and Hopi Reservations, and were privileged to contribute to a Sunday morning service at a remote Navajo church.

After the work group left I took some vacation time to work around home. Was able to get some home repairs done, fix up the yard a bit, and get ready for VBS at my church. The next week of June was spent in VBS, and putting in minimal hours at IBC.

Then it was time to settle down and work on accreditation documents. Don’t tell anyone, but I rather enjoy it most of the time. In addition, I’ve enjoyed several wonderful hikes in the higher elevations (up to 12,633 feet!), have been blessed with a little fresh garden produce, and am grateful for good rains even before official monsoon season came around.

We’ve been able to keep track of many of the students as they post frequently on Facebook. At least ten current or recent students have been involved with Ron Hutchcraft Ministries either with the brief gathering of Native youth and/or the month-long outreach across the nation. Several students have been counseling at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch. One is doing an internship with AWANA. Two have started a business and are selling their hand-carved signs. Several students worked with VBS at their local church and several others led a kid’s club in the vicinity of the school. At least two new students have been accepted for fall. We pray there for at least 13 more who will come in addition to the returning students.

Please pray with us for:

  • God’s blessing on the staff retreat August 14-17 and administration retreat this week. May we grow closer together as a
  • staff, prepared to face the next semester as one.
  • That God would send the students of His choice to attend IBC this fall.
  • That I would be faithful with the time I have left before school gets underway. I still hope to have neighbors from both sides over for a meal, catch up with my local friends, get some reading done, and take a day for prayer and study alone with the Lord.

May you be blessed as the summer winds down and the days grow shorter. Sorry about the lack of photos.Frown I left them at school.