Once again, some of you have had to prompt me, “When are you going to send some news about yourselves?” So here it is.

Our ministries

We have continued as instructors for Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI). As well as checking lessons for students in Tier 1, the introductory lessons which are designed to lead the student to trust Christ as Saviour, we have both been assigned a student who is working in Tier 2 on lessons to encourage believers. Bill is now mentoring a man named Greg from the prison in Wagin, Western Australia and I am continuing to mentor Rei (Ray) from Lae prison in Papua New Guinea. Would you pray that they would really grow in faith through doing the lessons?


On Saturday 26th September, CBI is having a seminar in Sydney which we will be attending. We would like to invite any of you who live close enough to join us in order to learn about the ministry and to be encouraged by testimonies of how the Lord is at work in the lives of prisoners doing the lessons. Two prisoners will be sharing with us. Paul was released about 12 months ago after serving 5 years and is midway through Tier 3. His is a remarkable story of coming to repentance and restored faith once in prison and of how God has blessed him since leaving prison. Daniel was released in April after serving 15 years and has nearly completed Tier 1. Daniel wanted nothing to do with God in prison but God, of course, had other ideas. A delegation of 5 officers from the PNG prison system will also be there!

The seminar will be held at New Life Christian Church, 240 Richmond Road, Woodcroft, Doonside. Registration commences from 9am and the seminar will start at 10 am sharp. Morning tea and a free lunch will be available. The organizers say, “We hope to have you on the road at 3pm.”

Some of the precious children I teach (some dressed for a play)

I, Lynette, am teaching Scripture (SRE) at a local primary school once again. I have 3 classes in which I teach 78 3rd-6th graders. It seems less than 10% of them have any church contact. I have been greatly encouraged to find that some of the students whom I am teaching for the second year are remembering well truths I taught from the Bible last year.

So far this year we have been basing our studies on the Wordless Book. In the photo, I am cutting green, black, red, white and yellow cardboard for the children to make as a review activity their own book called God’s Good News.

In the Scripture workbooks there is a page where the student can ask the teacher a question. Here are some of the questions I have received:

How was God born? AND How did God get created and how long did it take?

How did God make the earth because dinosaurs were alive before humans?

How did God make the earth when you can’t breathe in space?

You said the people who go to Heaven will live with God forever and ever. Won’t there be a problem with overpopulation?

After I taught on the death burial and resurrection of Jesus, one student asked: “Why don’t they believe him?”

My answer: I think you are talking about the Jewish leaders and priests. Really the reason is that they didn’t WANT to accept Jesus as the Saviour (Messiah, deliverer) whom God had sent. They had all of the Old Testament and they used to study it There are lots and lots of prophecies about the Messiah in the Old Testament and they could have seen that Jesus fulfilled all these prophecies BUT they deliberately closed their minds to the truth. Most people reject Jesus for the simple reason that they love worshipping self, they love their sin, and they refuse to bow down to anyone else. They do not want Jesus because that means saying no to self and yes to Him.