Dear friends,

Crisis Counseling Class

It has been a busy August: first an overnight trip to Albuquerque, NM to meet with a prospective board member and encourage our reservation extension class, then a two-night Administrative Team retreat for the four vice-presidents and myself, then just this last weekend a three-night staff retreat for 20 IBC staff to Phoenix! Right now (Thursday-Saturday), I am hosting our first ever Crisis Counseling class. Next week is student leader training and new student orientation; regular classes begin August 31st.

Chimney removal

As usual, summer work teams did an AMAZING job and our campus looks better than ever before. Our chapel had a very significant remodel (with the removal of the chimney) and our Crisis Counseling class is enjoying the extra space!

Please pray for us as we prepare for the new school year:

  • Pray for new and returning students—it has been a difficult month with several student sin issues coming to the forefront. One new freshmen just lost her father last week and a returning sophomore has been very sick in the hospital. Both are unsure if/when they will be able to come to campus.
  • Pray for the staff—most of the staff had a great time at the staff retreat but there are a few staff unity issues I am in the midst of addressing. And pray for wisdom for me in dealing with these matters.
  • Pray for Sarah—my wife has now led EIGHT women through Mending the Soul (a process for recovering from abuse) but this year will be developing a new “after-care” process for two women. She is excited but nervous to be developing her own discipleship “curriculum” for the first time. This is all in the midst of now homeschooling all four of our children! Pray for wisdom, protection, and strength for all six of us.
  • One HUGE praise: Remember the female student that found her roommate after she had committed suicide? She began the school year declaring the spiritual freedom she had received through her healing from abuse, but then after the suicide struggled immensely throughout the school year. But she completed an AWANA internship this summer and had an impact upon hundreds of children. She has returned to campus more alive than ever before. It is so exciting to see the Lord’s power and healing triumph over brokenness and heartache!

Koppen kids (L-R): Abby (8), Lizzy (7), Angie (5), David (4)

Thank you for standing with us in prayer!