July 30th, 2013

Dear Team Members,

Our love to each of you across the miles.  We thank the Lord for each of you and trust Him to bless and encourage each of you day by day.

Since mid-June we have felt more retired even though we are becoming more involved again here at our New Tribes Mission Retirement Village.  We are helping as receptionists at various times answering the phone and being there for folk at the main desk in our Assisted Living Building.  Charlie is also helping with Notary Public needs, helping when our Chaplain is away, being on call as needed, and teaching our adult Sunday School Classes at Victory Baptist Church.  Cherrie has also started helping on Wednesday mornings in a Prison Ministry correcting the Bible Study papers prisoners are doing and is really enjoying that.  We continue to trust the Lord to guide us day by day.

What has thrilled our hearts is how well Chuck and Darlene Marshall have fitted into our jobs of Business Advisor and Secretary.  They love what they are doing and have caught on so quickly. He has a sense of humor like Charlie. Chuck needs to make a trip to South America where they worked so Charlie will cover for him then.

Not having a garage, and using our spare bedroom as storage, we have been trying to downsize our belongings, which is hard for me to do! I have to be in the mood, so with being retired I have my To Do List!  Our son Ray says he can’t picture me getting rid of stuff.  Oh, Ray went back to work on the 22nd.  It was a long day and he was tired by the end of the day, but gaining strength each day for which we are thankful.  Thank you all so much for praying for Ray and Dan.  Dan is doing well with Ray’s kidney.  They are both encouraged as the weeks go by. I know they would both appreciate continued prayers!  Ray’s son Charles and his wife Shawna are expecting their second child later in August.  That will be our second great-grandchild! We would all appreciate your prayers for Shawna, a safe delivery, and a healthy baby.

We had a Pot Luck Meal last Tuesday night in the dining room of our Assisted living Building.  After the meal, the Chapel, which has been under construction and is 95% finished, was open so we see the accomplishments so far.  It looks great!  Chuck and Darlene will enjoy the new Business Advisor’s Office which is lovely!

Later this year we plan to go “Down Under” to visit our son Ben and his family.  By then it will be over 3 ½ years since we last saw all of them. Having lived down under for 34 years we still call Australia home!  We will fly there later in November for three months.  That way we will be able to visit family and also many co-workers and friends, but humanly will not be able to see everyone.  We will drive out to Kansas and then fly from Kansas to Australia so we can visit Ray and Janelle their family there and of course our new Great Grandson!  Our Christmas letter will not go out until after we get back to Florida sometime in March.  That way we can give you all an update of our trip.  Having helped there in a multicultural church one day a week they paid into a retirement fund for us, and there was enough in Australia to pay for return flights for which we are so thankful!

“Have you read the end of the book?”  I have a habit that drives Charlie crazy:  I don’t read a lot, but when I do, I want to read the end of the book before I read the whole book! So I read the end and if I don’t like it I don’t read the whole book! What is so good about knowing the end of God’s book, the Holy Bible, is knowing that Satan is defeated and we are victorious! All praise to Him, our Lord and Savior.

May the Lord Bless each of you as you journey with Him each day and reach out to those He brings your way!

All Because of His Love,

       Charlie & Cherrie