She was sun burned and tired but her face was radiant. “This is such a privilege for me,” she said, beaming. One of the students had just shared his testimony and this hard-working team member was invigorated to work for another several hours before packing up to leave. The woman who spoke to me shared that she had struggled with drug abuse and could identify with God’s work in the life of the student who shared. She went on to say that this week had been hard (her muscles were sore from head to toe) but she wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Her intention was to go home and use the momentum she had gained to start being physically active again and shed some of the pounds she had gained since getting “clean.” She was feeling renewed spiritually and physically.

In the past few years we have had more work crews than in previous summers. These crews not only work from dawn to sunset, and pay their own expenses to come, but they are paying for the projects they are doing! The campus is in upheaval with new carpeting going in, offices being shifted around, a doorway moved, grounds cleaned up, an RV port built, new sidewalks put in, a student lounge replacing part of what was office space, and even a sound-proof wall installed in my office, plus a number of other projects.

As staff it is hard to get anything done in preparation for next semester with the computers being unplugged and even office furniture disappearing and reappearing, not to mention the noise and constant activity. But the final results should be well worth it.

This summer I have become more aware of the blessings God heaps on those who come to volunteer at IBC. I thought the blessing was all ours but now I understand that they too are blessed. We are learning better how to use teams and how to serve them too, and it shows.

Off campus it has been quite a ride this summer for me too! Thank you so much for your prayers for my travels! Praise God I am well and was able to drive and fly without “incident.” I completed the course on Islam in the 21st Century and am now home for the duration, other than a few days in Colorado for the annual staff retreat.

This fall I will be teaching Basic Study Habits, Introduction to Christian Education, Practical Ministry Writing, Piano, Guitar, and Voice. Classes start September 2.

Please pray with me for:

  • God’s blessing on the staff retreat August 12-16.
  • God’s wisdom as I prepare for classes.
  • God’s encouragement of those who have served IBC this summer and for the one last work crew coming next week.
  • God’s provision of 15 new students this fall and at least 5 men who are interested in
  • becoming pastors.
  • Praise God that my sciatic nerve is nearly 100% better!!
  • Praise God for safety and good health in travels.
  • Praise God for all the work crews this summer who have served so selflessly.
  • Praise God for YOU, faithful prayer and financial supporters!! I appreciate you!!