Home Assignment Happenings

What I’ve learned this Home Assignment time:

PNG season=1  Perpetual Summer   
Missouri seasons=4 Almost summer, Summer, Still summer, & Christmas – though thankfully thus far THIS summer has been pleasant to the extreme!
Indiana seasons=2 Winter & Road Construction …

What’s new in America:

  • Wide screen TVs—at camp grounds in vacation RVs
  • GPS — tracking ME 
  • COLD !!!! – Aug 1st and still feels like spring (at least to me)
  • Phones that do everything – “there’s an app for that”
  • Price of Gas 
  • Colored Duct tape with pics, patterns
  • Catnip bubbles 
  • FAT on chicken meat
  • Memorial service for 50,000 bees that died

Memorable moments thus far:

Family time

Sharing childhood memories with the younger generation, sorting family “heirlooms,” exploring genealogy ………



Returning to some “good ole Indiana stomping grounds” and reuniting with a few former high school classmates ……….

And a special visit with some co-workers from PNG

With a couple of “short” road trips behind me it’s time to begin plans for “the big one” coming up this fall! That will include traveling from Missouri thru Kansas, (maybe Nebraska) Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, (maybe a stop in the D.C. area), North Carolina, Georgia (time permitting), and back to Missouri by Thanksgiving. If you live anywhere along that route and are open to a visit, please e-mail me and we’ll set some dates! My email is at the bottom of this page.

Planning travels brings up the on-going need for prayer regarding the music I would like to use for my HA presentation. Alas, permission is still pending. It’s been a long, involved pursuit, seeking the okay to sync poplar contemporary music in the background of the ~5 minute report of what God’s been doing in PNG. I have inquiries and applications out on several well-known songs and find the Christian artists to be totally helpful, open & willing to allow their songs to be used. The “business end” of the music empire however is decidedly less helpful or cooperative. There are some more obscure but usable possibilities in the public domain that express the theme of the presentation so if need be, even if permission doesn’t come thru on the song of my 1st choice, I can be “ready to go” whenever meetings are scheduled. It’s encouraging to know God has the music for this report already picked out – and that He will confirm it to me in His own time. I’ll just appreciate your prayers that that might be SOON!

Meanwhile, back in PNG – fellow missionary Jason Stuart plans to make a visit into Iwam land sometime this month. He has been in to visit the May River Iwam several times in the past. This time he will be doing some literacy teacher training and spend time catching up with, and encouraging the church leaders. Please be praying that Jason’s time with the Iwam will challenge them to desire to draw closer to the Lord and follow thru on the work He has placed in their hands.

From the Wewak ladies Bible study: Missionaries Lisa Kappeler and Nina Buser are carrying on this ministry, meeting weekly with the national ladies who work on our center. They have been doing some topical teaching to meet needs in the ladies’ lives. Please continue to remember Lisa (expecting baby #2), Rosie, Meta (also expecting a baby), Martha, Paula and Susan in your prayers.

My sincere and grateful thanks to you for your part in upholding God’s work, and the people He’s entrusted to us in PNG. You are a vital part of the team and you will get to meet these dear folks one day when we all gather before the throne. Until then, be assured that your involvement is making a difference in their hearts and lives. May God bountifully bless all your labors of love for Him.

Co-laboring together with you for the King!

Hope Sharp