Dear praying friends and family,

Well, here I am back in Perth… I know communication was sparse these past 9 weeks, but utilizing my email addresses from an USB wasn’t streamline. However, flights and connections, times with friends and family were full of blessing and I was so very encouraged with great fellowship, good messages at the churches I was able to attend, have a host of photos to wade through for my scrap booking memories, and thankful in each aspect of the trip. 


I arrived home with just the carryon and computer bag that I began my trip with, carrying a couple of jackets for winter when I debarked. However, I arrived to a delightful sunny day…. That being said, it has been COLD during the night, and I will be making myself a lovely hot beverage, just as soon as I send off this little note.

Don’t want to go into heaps of details about who and where I visited, but will be glad to write more to any who would enjoy more particulars. Unpacking hasn’t taken long…. I am “wading” through the 1300 emails that are now in my INBOX…. And will get busy in the garden pulling the weeds that have invaded the grass and garden in my absence through the cold, wet winter.

Praising the Lord for safe travels, and all that He brought my way in the last 9 weeks. Looking forward to catching up with you who live close by.