Greetings all,

It is hard to believe I am down to just 11 days before departure to Asia Pacific! My visa entry permit has been entered into my passport, I have tickets in hand , but still lots of last minute things to do to get ready to depart. It seems no matter how hard I try there are always tons of last minute things to do.


I am really looking forward to this trip. My coworkers and I have a lot planned for this trip including a Wana leadership conference, visiting Wana churches, field leadership meetings, and 4 consultant trips to visit other tribal missionary teams. Your prayers for health, strength, and stamina will be greatly appreciated, and of course most of all that we would be a blessing to all whom we visit.

Pray the heli can be fixed soon

A special prayer request we have is that the helicopter can be repaired quickly. It has been down for repairs now for over two months. Bell helicopter company sent out a special mechanic to help fix the problem. As they began reassembling the helicopter one of the parts which he brought out did not fit properly so they are having to send out another replacement. Pray that it will arrive in a timely manner and that our mechanics can get it all assembled and flying again. Their target date for getting it back in the air is September 10 so maybe we can all be praying that could be a reality in a world where nothing ever seems to go as scheduled. We really appreciate your part on the team as we work together to spread the gospel in Asia Pacific. May God bless each of you.

The Eagle

I am looking forward to sitting at the dinner table once again with our fellow Wana believers and missionary co-workers

Did I ever mention how good the sticky rice tastes….mmmmmm

Oh yes the pork and beans (no it isn’t Campbell’s), and chicken with coconut milk – all goes very good with the rice

And ohh those coffee breaks with coffee so strong one’s spoon stands straight up in it. Always someone telling a story too. Sure wish you could join us!