Hi all!

Just to let you know that we made it back from the tribe and had a wonderful time!! Thanks for your prayers as we spent the first number of days in a Wana leadership conference followed by a few more days of visiting our largest Wana church, and then making a consultant visit to a neighboring missionary team. We were once again challenged by the book of Revelation as we taught through the final three chapters.

The last few days we have been involved in consulting with yet another missionary team working with a tribal group to the North. Then on Monday we will be making our way to another island where we have three of our Wana families serving cross-culturally to another large tribal group. A number of Wana outreaches are presently going on and many folks being taught the gospel for the first time. Just a few pictures here to give you a little idea of what has been happening.

Blessings to each of you!

Ed n Jeanne Casteel

Some of our pastors and teachers at the conference. The older gentleman in the front is our oldest pastor pretty much retired now. He spends hours each day reading Scripture.

Eager to study God’s word and challenged to get the gospel out to yet other areas

“Tenay” was one of the fellows who helped us with language study in the early days. His father and mother strongly rejected the gospel and moved their whole family to another area. Now that his parents and their generation have passed away Tenay and his wife and children are asking to be taught the gospel. Tenay has still not put his trust in Christ but we feel is very close to making that decision – please be praying for him and his family that they would soon come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is the first Bible conference he has ever attended.

Was it just a late night or did the teacher get too long winded? I thought this only happened in the USA 🙂

Sitting with two elderly men of the village who are very close friends of our family. The man on the left was one of the original men to invite us to work with the Wana people. Both of these men have been believers for many years.